LG's flagship G2 OLED hits its lowest Australian price ever with this epic deal

LG G2 OLED deal
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LG's brilliant C2 OLED may take the top spot in our best TV in Australia 2023 list, but if you're looking for the best OLED that money can buy, LG's G2 OLED is technically superior thanks to an increase in brightness and punchier speakers. And, as LG's 'Gallery' model, the G2 has a more refined build quality.

So why did we pick the C2 over the G2? Simply put, it comes down to two factors: price and overall convenience. Not only is the G2 significantly more expensive than the C2, it's intended primarily for wall mounting — so much so that its stand is sold separately.

Thankfully, JB Hi-Fi has slashed prices on LG's entire G2 OLED range at the moment, giving you the opportunity to save thousands of dollars.

The 55-inch model G2 OLED has been discounted by a massive AU$1,200, and the savings only get larger as you go up in size, topping out with a mammoth AU$2,500 discount on the 83-inch model.

Best of all, bundling a G2 OLED with one of LG's soundbars will get you an additional 15% off the TV's already discounted price, bringing it down to its lowest pricepoint ever in Australia. This offer is too good to miss! 

LG 55-inch G2 OLEDAU$3,695AU$2,120.75 with LG soundbar on JB Hi-Fi

LG 55-inch G2 OLED | AU$3,695 AU$2,120.75 with LG soundbar on JB Hi-Fi (save AU$1,574.25)

Starting off with an already astounding discount of AU$1,200, the 55-inch LG G2 OLED receives an additional AU$374 off when you bundle it with any LG soundbar. That's a total discount on this stunning TV of AU$1,575.25 (price of soundbar not included). Enjoy the G2 OLED's powerful A9 Gen 5 AI processor and exceptional contrast.

Please note, the deal price above does not include the price of the bundled soundbar.

LG 65-inch G2 OLEDAU$4,995AU$2,800.75 with LG soundbar on JB Hi-Fi

LG 65-inch G2 OLED | AU$4,995 AU$2,800.75 with LG soundbar on JB Hi-Fi (save AU$2,194.25)

If the above TV isn't big enough for you, the 65-inch model may be what you're after. Already discounted by AU$1,700, you can score another 15% off by bundling it with an LG soundbar, bringing the TV's total discount to AU$2,194.25 (not including the price of the soundbar). Enjoy 4K gaming at 120Hz, with a 1ms response time and variable refresh rates thanks to the G2's HDMI 2.1 support.

Please note, the deal price above does not include the price of the bundled soundbar.

We believe the two size options listed above will appeal to most people, however, you could opt for one of the G2's larger models, with its 77-inch and 83-inch sizes also discounted and elligible for the same 15% off deal. Taking advantage of this offer will save you AU$3,049 off the 77-inch model and AU$3,924 off the 83-incher.

As for which soundbar to bundle with the G2 OLED, you can keep the overall price down by picking a cheap option like LG's SN4 300W soundbar which will set you back just AU$211 (with the bundle discount applied).

Alternatively, you could grab a high-end model like the LG S90QY 5.1.3-channel 570W Dolby Atmos soundbar, which comes down from its current sale price of AU$1,099 to a very respectable AU$934 when bundled with the G2 OLED.

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