I swapped my motion sensor for this Echo Dot to tell me if there's someone at home — and it's 54% off right now

Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) on table.
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I don't use the Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) like most people do, like asking Alexa about my day or what the weather's like outside. Instead, I use it as a security system of sorts that keeps me informed if someone is in my home. Thanks to the speaker's Ultrasound Motion Detection feature, the integrated motion sensor can tell me if someone is in the room or not.

And thanks to Cyber Monday deals, you can grab the Echo Dot on sale for $22 at Amazon. This an unbelievable deal at 54% off its normal price, mainly because the Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) sells for $49 normally. You could still buy two of them right now for less than the price of one when it's not on sale.

Echo Dot (5th Gen):was $49 now $22 @ Amazon

Echo Dot (5th Gen): was $49 now $22 @ Amazon
This deal complements your home security system because the Echo Dot (5th Gen) can inform you if it senses someone's at home. You can also set up unique routines between them for greater functionality.

The integrated motion sensor in the Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) lets me know in the Alexa app when motion is detected, which I configured by creating an Occupancy Routine. Whenever it senses motion, it triggers the routine to automatically turn on the smart light bulb in my upstairs hallway. I suggest also triggering other lights to go on as well, so that it could deter would-be intruders.

Beyond using the speaker as a security measure, the Echo Dot (5th Gen) makes for the perfect deskside companion because of its compact size. I love telling Alexa to start playing one of my favorite playlists on Pandora, along with asking the assistant about upcoming Amazon package deliveries I might have.

I also love how all the notification tones I get whenever it’s triggered by other smart home gadgets I have. For example, I set up another routine that would announce who is at the door whenever someone rings my Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 — or like how it notifies me that someone is in my backyard because of a motion sensor I placed on my deck.

I can go on about all the reasons why I find tremendous value in the Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen). This Cyber Monday deal is one of the best I’ve seen, plus it packages in a smart light bulb to help you get started with some basic routines between the pair.

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