Hurry! I bought this Philips face trimmer and it’s still on sale for Cyber Monday

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We're still seeing some of the best Cyber Monday deals linger around on everything from tablets to mattresses. My favorite personal buy so far has been the Norelco One Blade 360 Pro electric razor—and it's still on sale now. I'm a longtime owner of the original OneBlade and had this upgraded combo face and body trimmer on my wishlist for months. These trimmers are popular because they make clean cuts whether you shave wet or dry without yanking hairs or burning your skin. 

Right now you can grab the Philips Norelco One Blade for just $50 at Best Buy. That's 40% off its original price. I ran to pick mine up on Black Friday and couldn't be happier with its performance. While I couldn't justify spending almost $90 on the Pro, I'm seriously considering grabbing a backup at this discount because the strength and build quality jump from the standard OneBlade is massive.

Philips Norelco OneBlade 360: was $85 now $50 @ Best Buy

Philips Norelco OneBlade 360: was $85 now $50 @ Best Buy
The ultimate face and body combo trimmer and shaver has 14 adjustable length settings, an upgraded motor, beefed up battery, digital display, and a new docking station to hold everything together.

I've purchased many electric razors over the years from big brands like Braun, Remington, and Andis. My absolute favorite model had become the Philips Norelco OneBlade by a far margin. It's compact like a regular razor blade, grippy for precise control, and gets an insanely close shave without agitating my face or neck like almost every other model does. However, after three years, its motor has weakened and requires an extra pass for a clean cut, I've lost two of the pop-on blade guard lengths, and its short battery life makes it a hassle to travel with.

I replaced it with the discounted $50 OneBlade 360 Pro which has more power, more length settings, and more accessories than its little brother. Its metal finish feels better in hand and its blade rips through both long hair and stubble like a knife through butter. Unlike the original OneBlade, there are 14 length options (0.4 to 10mm) you can choose from a single adjustable dial rather than attachments for different lengths. I've found it effortless to taper down my beard from skin to stubble in just a single pass with sharp detailed edges. 

I can take myself from looking like a hairy mountain man to a silky smooth Olympian.

Its handle is a bit thicker than the standard OneBlad since it needs to hold a larger 5-watt motor, built-in power display, and an improved lithium-ion battery that runs twice as long at 90 minutes. Plus it fast charges in one hour (as opposed to 8) and comes with a sleek docking station so you don't have to leave it loose hanging from your wall outlet.

The extra power comes in handy beyond beard work. Not only does this electric razor get close to the skin I have yet to experience any nicks, pulls, or burns on my chest or below the belt. The OneBlade not only has a skin guard but the 360 blade moves in all directions to adjust to every curve on the surface you're trimming. I would consider this an everyday essential and I am beyond happy with how quickly I can take myself from looking like a hairy mountain man to a silky smooth Olympian without needing access to water or shaving cream. 

Hunter Fenollol
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