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Black Friday Lego deals — best early sales in 2021

Black Friday Lego deals
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Looking to treat yourself or a loved one to some Lego goodness this holiday season? Now would be a great time thanks to these Black Friday Lego deals. Deals like this don't come around often, and we recommend acting fast as Lego deals are known to sell out quickly.

Luckily, we've taken the stress out of searching by compiling the best Black Friday Lego sales for you — remember to bookmark this page and check back every now and then to see what new deals roll up in the coming days.

The Black Friday deals just keep on coming, so keep an eye on our coverage to make sure you get the best prices on everything you need this year.

Black Friday Lego deals — best early sales

Mandalorian Battle Pack

Mandalorian Battle Pack: was $15 now $12 @ Amazon
This is the way... to save money. Recreate one of the best scenes in The Mandalorian's first season with this Lego battle pack, featuring four Mando warriors, a speeder, and more firing studs than you'll know what to do with.

Lego Architecture

Lego Architecture: up to 20% off all kits @ Amazon
Anyone who says Lego is for kids has never built an Architecture set. Now you can purchase all the current sets with 20% off, whether it's San Francisco, Paris, Trafalgar Square, or all the rest. Maybe all of them, if you're feeling rich.

Lego Central Perk

Lego Central Perk: was $59 now $47 @ Amazon
The original TV coffee house, from one of the biggest sitcoms of the '90s, is now on sale. With Friends nostalgia seemingly at its peak, this is definitely a set for fans old and new.

Lego Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet

Lego Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet: was $59 now $49 @ Amazon
Pay homage to everyone's favorite Mandalorian, even if the new guy has an extremely adorable sidekick. And you can own his helmet, ready to proudly display and show off your Mandalorian chops to the world.

Lego Star Wars D-O

Lego Star Wars D-O: was $69 now $55 @ Best Buy
The Rise of Skywalker may have been rather polarizing, but we can all agree that new droids are always great. So enter D-O, the skittish droid that's just plain adorable. And he can be yours, provided you're willing to build it.

Lego Star Wars Yoda

Lego Star Wars Yoda: was $99 now $79 @ Amazon
The world may be in love with his baby counterpart, but Yoda is still around and kicking in Lego form. It comes complete with Yoda himself, his lightsaber, and his minifigure board. It can be yours for 20% off the normal price.

Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon: was $159 now $128 @ Amazon
The Millennium Falcon has been re-released more than any other Star Wars ship, and the Rise of Skywalker model is now 20% off over at Target. This should keep you entertained and not constantly reminded how you can't afford the giant $800 version.

Lego City Passenger Train

Lego City Passenger Train: was $159 now $130 @ Target
Into trains? Mix up your usual models with a Lego version, which is now 20% off the usual price. Not only do you get a great little train, it can be motorized to let you sit back and watch it chug along.

Lego Volcano Rock Concert

Lego Volcano Rock Concert: was $39 now $31 @
This Lego Rock City Concert playset from the movie Trolls: World Tour features an impressive concert stage, 3 minifigures, and accessories to dress them up with. If your kid loves to rock, this gift is a no-brainer.

Falcon & Black Widow team up set

Falcon & Black Widow team up set: was $14 now $11 @
Before The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, there was this dynamic duo: The Falcon and Black Widow. This set includes Falcon, Black Widow, two A.I.M. agents, and a huge 6-shooter that fires projectiles. All this can be yours for 20% off.

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