I just tried the new Apple Vision Pro TikTok app — here's the pros and cons

Deadpool 3 trailer in Apple Vision Pro TikTok app
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I just tried the new TikTok app on the Vision Pro and it's as good as I feared. And what I mean by that is that you can easily get lost watching videos just as you do on your iPhone. Except the experience is more immersive.

Yes, the video player is vertical but the floating window makes it feel like the videos are right in front of you. And it's delightfully easy to scroll to the next clip. You just swipe up while pinching your thumb and index finger together as you do in other Vision Pro apps.


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Just as you'd expect, there's all the options here that you're used to, including the like, comment, favorite and share buttons. When you click on comments, for example, a right pane will appear next to the video feed, and you can easily collapse that when you want to focus on watching.

Apple Vision Pro TikTok app

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I do wish you could grow the size of the video player window by dragging the bottom right corner, as you can with other Vision Pro apps. I also didn't see a way to fast forward through videos like you can with the phone app. 

It's worth noting that you can't post directly to TikTok from within the app, which is a shame since you can capture content using the top left button on the Vision Pro. I'm hoping this feature gets added.

Apple Vision Pro TikTok app

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In addition, I'd like to see TikTok add support for spatial photos and videos so that other Vision Pro users can get true 3D visuals. In fact, if it were me, I would add a dedicated Spatial category for this in the left navigation bar. Right now there's just home, search and profile.

TikTok app for Vision Pro

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Despite my wishlist items I think TikTok has done a pretty good job here with the execution. And they clearly beat Instagram and Snapchat to the punch. Overall, I could easily see myself spending hours in here, which could be a problem. 

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