macOS Sequoia is streamlining downloads from the Mac App Store — here’s what you need to know

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macOS 15, also known as Sequoia, is bringing several great features to Apple's lineup, but one important change has been revealed in the recent patch notes. 

Announced at Apple’s recent WWDC event, macOS Sequoia brings new features such as iPhone mirroring and a new Passwords app, however, it seems that the update will also ease the free storage requirements for downloading apps from the Mac App Store. This will make adding larger apps and games much less stressful overall.

Currently, the App Store requires users to have twice as much free space on their storage as the app they are trying to download. So, for instance, a 1GB app will require the computer to have 2GB free of available space. This can be a big issue for anyone looking to download games as those can easily exceed 10GB.

Assassins creed shadows on both mac and ipad

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According to the macOS 15 beta 2 release notes, “the App Store no longer needs twice the space free for an initial app download and install. The free space requirement will now be the final install size of the app, plus a small buffer. Developers should consider this change in any messaging they might have around size requirements. “

This new feature joins others Apple has introduced to make Macs better gaming systems. For instance, WWDC showed off how Assassin's Creed Shadows looked on Mac and iPad. It's got us intrigued, that's for sure. And we couldn't help but notice the recent gaming sale for Mac that Apple launched.

macOS 15 is seeing some other major changes with the introduction of Apple Intelligence. Apple’s new AI will allow users to easily generate text when writing emails and notes, which is a huge boon for a haphazard typist like myself. The AI can also generate images in conversations and when taking notes. 

macOS 15 is a big upgrade, and it's easy for smaller features to drop through the cracks. However, if you have a compatible Mac and enjoy playing the odd game on your computer then this is a feature you should be excited about. For more information check out our breakdown of all the new features coming with macOS Sequoia.

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