Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge with Snapdragon X Elite leaked — what we know

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Ultra
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It is occasionally easy to forget that Samsung makes more than just Galaxy Android phones and televisions. They also manufacture laptops as noted in the latest leak highlighting the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge

Notebook Check reports that two versions of the Book4 Edge were spotted on the Korea Certification Mark website. The variants are a 14- and 16-inch laptops, each with their own sub-versions.

The 14-inch model has two model numbers and the 16-inch variant has four. Without more details, we’re assuming those are either models with different amounts of RAM or storage. Currently, the 14-inch model has been tipped to feature 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD.

The rumored Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge is supposed to debut with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite processors. If it takes from other laptops in the Book4 lineup it will include a large OLED touchscreen, super thin and light metallic construction, huge trackpad and combined with the X Elite CPU and long battery life.

Assuming the rumors are true, the Book 4 Edge would be the first Samsung product to feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite chipset.

Leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy Book 4

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Design-wise, the one alleged image we have of the laptop shows a design similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Book 4 Ultra and Book 4 Pro with a thin metal chassis and the Moonstone Gray finish.

We’ve seen pricing rumors from €1,600 to €1,800 or $1,740 and $1,957 US dollars. To be fair, tax and import differences between Europe and the US will alter that price. Either way, this would put the Book 4 Edge directly in competition with Apple’s high-end MacBook Pro lineup.

Qualcomm has been pushing claims that the X Elite chips are nearly 30% faster than Apple’s M3 chips. However, with the recently released iPad Pro 2024, Apple debuted the more powerful M4 chip. It’s a quick turnaround from the M3 which only launched in October 2023. However, the M4 is already surpassing the M3 in most benchmarks. Expect to see it in Mac laptops when Apple refreshes their lineup in the Fall.

Microsoft is going all in on AI this year, and has reportedly put Qualcomm’s next-generation processors at the forefront of that push. The newest Microsoft Surface computers feature Qualcomm, for instance. So, it’s no real surprise that Samsung would follow suit. Other OEMs have already started teasing their AI-forward laptops, including Lenovo.

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