Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protectors in 2023

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The best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protectors can be a critical way of maintaining Samsung's flagship device and making sure your device looks as good as new. And given how the Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the best phones — and one of the most expensive — keeping that handset in tip-top shape should be priority.

Having one of the best S23 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cases is a great start. But that beautiful 6.8-inch screen needs looking after, too, and a good screen protector can fill that role.

As we noted in our Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review, this phone features Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus 2, which should help the phone survive drops. But still, that screen proves a tempting target for concrete and other unforgiving surfaces. The best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protectors will keep that display safe without compromising the S23 Ultra’s brilliant display quality or interfering with the fingerprint scanner (which you should re-scan after fitting any screen protector on your handset). 

Here are the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protectors that we've found.

Do you need a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protector?  

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If you want to make sure your phone’s screen is completely protectec, the best way is with a screen protector that covers the glass with a protective layer. If you keep your phone in the same pocket as keys, coins, or even just dust and dirt, you’ll be risking damage to the screen. Have your screen protector take the blows instead.

Some will claim having a screen protector inhibits the touchscreen performance and creates air bubbles, but if applied correctly and carefully, there should be no problems.

How to apply a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protector 

First of all, make sure your screen protector is compatible with the S23 Ultra and not the Samsung Galaxy S23 or Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus. It may seem obvious, since those phones are different sizes, but if you're not careful, you can overlook which screen protector fits which Samsung phone. (If you do have an S23, visit our best Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protectors guide for options that fit Samsung's 6.1-inch model.)

Most of the best screen protectors come with instructions or at least a video detailing how to apply them to the screen. If you don’t have the steady hand of a surgeon, it can be tricky to apply a screen protector evenly without assistance. But many of our best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protector picks feature their own application aides, such as trays, stickers or tabs. Some screen protectors are applied “wet” with a solution usually included in the box.

Once the protector is in place, bubbles need not be an issue. Use a squeegee, credit card, or just fingers to massage away any pockets of air. 

How we rank the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protectors 

It can be hard to judge screen protectors, but that’s what makes them worth evaluating, it’s not difficult to get a sub-standard product and we can’t have that. We weigh up the level of protection offered, the ease of application and whether it has any effect on the phone’s functionality. Any extra features like privacy protection are also a positive.  

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    Hey Tom's Guide, The 3 biggest problems with glass screen protectors:
    1. Fingerprint scanner
    2. Incompatibility with almost all cases
    3. Bubbles or lifting after a period of time installed

    You didn't address any of these issues in your review. Not the level of information that I expect from you guys. Please do better.