Best iPhone 14 Plus cases in 2022

best iphone 14 plus cases
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Your new phone deserves one of the best iPhone 14 Plus cases to keep it safe from drops, scratches and more. The new larger basic iPhone is tough in its own right, but you can't beat the security of a case.

You do get Ceramic Shield glass and aluminium encasing the delicate circuitry within the iPhone 14 Plus, but as we saw in the iPhone 14 drop test results, that isn't going to protect you from much. Even if you're sure you're not going to do anything to damage your phone, accidents still happen, and a case would ensure those accidents aren't fatal for your phone.

But cases do more than just provide protection from drops. They can also add style and other features like a wallet or kickstand to the mix. And the best iPhone 14 Plus cases also work with MagSafe accessories so that you can wirelessly charge your phone without having to take it out of the case.

Whether you are more interested in style, protection, or want a mix of both, there are plenty of options for the iPhone 14 Plus. We’ve found some of the best iPhone 14 Plus cases you can buy right now for a wide variety of needs.

What to look for in the best iPhone 14 Plus cases

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Be sure that you’re actually shopping for an iPhone 14 Plus case. The Plus shares the same 6.7-inch screen size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but cases that fit the Pro version won’t fit your phone, as the camera arrays are differently sized. (If you are looking for the best iPhone 14 Pro Max case, we’ve got you covered.) The same goes for the best iPhone 14 cases and the best iPhone 14 Pro cases — these are 6.1-inch phones and their cases simply won’t fit.

Otherwise, pay attention to the levels of drop-protection each case promises. The best iPhone 14 Plus cases will be able to withstand 4 foot drops. Some cases even provide more stringent drop protection, so consider those if keeping your phone safe from damage is your top priority. As a rule, the more drop protection promised, the thicker the case.

If you plan on using MagSafe accessories like wireless chargers with your phone, double check MagSafe compatibility for your case. Many cases do offer it, but some do not.

How we pick the best iPhone 14 Plus cases

We use word of mouth and customer reviews to come up with our initial list of best iPhone 14 Plus cases. We look at factors like cost, drop protection, special features and colors when evaluating cases. We also try to include a variety of cases featuring different styles and prices to account for different tastes and preferences. When possible, we bring in cases for additional testing.

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