Best iPhone 14 Pro cases in 2024

best iphone 14 pro cases
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If you don't yet own one of the best iPhone 14 Pro cases, scroll down to find the one that's right for you. Protecting your phone is always a smart move, no matter how old your phone is, or how much damage it may have already sustained.

The iPhone 14 Pro's Ceramic Shield glass and stainless steel construction does provide some security against damage. But they don't make the phone impervious to damage, and if it breaks you'll be paying out quite a bit for repairs. Damaging or even breaking a case is unfortunate, but it's nowhere near as expensive or drastic if it happens. And like we said, you can add things like a stand or pop socket to your iPhone via the case for additional versatility.

What to look for in the best iPhone 14 Pro cases

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First things first — make sure you’re looking for a case that will fit your iPhone 14 Pro. That means shopping specifically for an iPhone 14 Pro case as the camera cutouts on the best iPhone 14 cases will be different, even though both phones feature a 6.1-inch screen. There are enough subtle differences with the iPhone 13 Pro that even cases for that older phone may not be a perfect fit.

Looking for cases that fit the larger Pro model? We've got the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases available, too.

After that, consider how your case would work with any MagSafe or wireless charging accessories you own. Your iPhone's MagSafe magnets will still work through most cases, even those without additional magnets in, but the connection may be weaker. Likewise with wireless charging - a thicker case can mean a reduced charging speed, or no power transfer at all.

If you're concerned about fall protection, check what the manufacturer of the case you're interested in has rated their product for. Protection from a four-foot drop is a good benchmark to keep in mind, although several cases promote themselves as protecting iPhones from even bigger drops.

What is an iPhone 14 Pro case with MagSafe?

MagSafe is Apple's proprietary magnetic alignment system that uses a ring of magnets to snap a charger, wallet or other accessory into the correct spot on the back of the iPhone. A case with MagSafe means it also contains these aligning magnets to help your stuff line up correctly every time.

You don't necessarily need magnets in your iPhone case because the magnets inside your iPhone are likely still powerful enough to attract an accessory through an extra layer of plastic, leather or whatever else your case is made of. But if you're going to buy a particularly chunky case, or just want it to work guaranteed with a MagSafe peripheral you already own, a MagSafe-certified case could be worthwhile.

Are iPhone 14 Pro cases different from iPhone 14 cases?

Not by much, but yes. Although both phones are listed as 6.1-inch handsets, the two iPhones differ slightly in overall size, and the Pro uses a much larger camera block to fit in its extra sensor. You won't be able to squeeze an iPhone 14 Pro into an iPhone 14 case no matter how hard you try.

Are iPhone 14 Pro cases different from iPhone 13 Pro cases?

Once again, Apple's tweaked the sizes of various parts of its newest iPhone, including enlarging the camera block to make way for the new 48MP camera. You'll struggle to get an iPhone 13 Pro cases to fit with an iPhone 14 Pro, so it's best to buy one specifically made for the 14 Pro.

Does the iPhone 14 Pro need a case?

As far as we're concerned, it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to avoiding damage to your phone. The iPhone 14 Pro uses toughened Ceramic Shield glass front and back, but it'll still crack or shatter with enough force, something that a case would help defend against at least partially.

How we pick the best iPhone 14 Pro cases

We draw up our initial list of best iPhone 14 Pro cases by listening to word-of-mouth and going through user reviews when possible. We tend to favor case makers with a solid reputation for their past iPhone cases. And since different cases appeal to different people, we make sure to include a variety of styles at a wide range of prices. After the iPhone’s initial release, we may call in some cases for additional testing.

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