Apple's yellow iPhone 14 looks bananas — in the best way possible

Yellow iPhone 14 Plus with bananas
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It was simply a matter of time before the iPhone 14 received a color refresh. Just in time for spring, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are now available in an infectiously peppy yellow. 

Compared to previous years, the iPhone 14 color selection, IMHO, lacked that little bit of charisma. As an unwavering proponent of colorful tech, I wasn't impressed by my options when I went to upgrade my own handset. I opted for the white iPhone 14 Pro Max, deviating from my routine of ordering the signature color of the lineup. At least I could give it some personality with a bright-hued iPhone 14 Pro Max case.


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While there's a reason the iPhone 14 lineup dominates our list of the best phones, I wouldn't chalk it up to style. But with the new yellow option, which I've currently got in hand, there's a color option that might make you feel something — something good.

Yellow iPhone 14 Plus outside

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If I had to describe the color, I'd say it falls somewhere between a just-ripe banana and a cartoon smiley face. It's not far off from the Minion's signature yellow either. It's not quite as neon as a lemon, but it's more saturated than a piece of pineapple. (I'd apologize for all the fruit comparisons, but it's absolutely appropriate in this case.)

If I had to describe the color, I'd say it falls somewhere between a just-ripe banana and a cartoon smiley face. It's not far off from the Minion's signature yellow either.

Unlike the iPhone 13 Pro in green, the iPhone 14 in yellow isn't subtle. I took it outside to see if it catches the natural light differently, but the color looked consistent. It looked especially nice next to some early-blooming daffodils, though.

This isn't the first yellow iPhone. The iPhone 11 came in a similar yellow, among other pastel takes on purple and green. Without seeing the iPhone 11, I can't say for sure how similar (or not) the shade is compared to the iPhone 14. But with the flat-edged design compared to the phased-out curved casing, the color certainly looks sleeker on Apple's latest flagship.

What's more, the aluminum edges are color-matched to the yellow back. The metallic finish does skew a bit gold, but since the iPhone 14 Pro color of gold is rather muted, the iPhone 14 in yellow remains distinct. 

Yellow iPhone 14 Plus in pocket

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Apple elevated the functional design of the iPhone 14 to make it easier to repair. An internal upgrade allows the back glass to be removed from the logic board and therefore simpler to replace as a single part if it shatters. So if you were to crack the glass of your yellow iPhone 14, you'd pay less for a replacement compared to the same damage on the iPhone 13.

Pre-orders for the yellow iPhone 14 and yellow iPhone 14 Plus begin Friday, March 10, with availability on Tuesday, March 14. There's no change in price — the phones start at $799 and $899 respectively. Still, be sure to check out the best iPhone deals right now.

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