Best Google Pixel 8 Pro cases in 2024

Best Google Pixel 8 Pro cases
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The Google Pixel 8 Pro is a great smartphone with a wealth of interesting features. However, while it might not cost as much as a Galaxy S24 Ultra or iPhone 15 Pro Max it's still a big investment that will be a pain if it gets damaged. However, you can mitigate this by taking the sensible step of buying a case

There’s plenty worth protecting on the Pixel 8 Pro, from its striking 6.7-inch Super Actua display to that horizontal camera bar, which now comes with a new temperature sensor. Those parts are particularly vulnerable to damage but a good case should help to alleviate most of your worries.

There are several great options for cases, including the Tudia DualShield Grip or, if you want maximum toughness, the OtterBox Defender Series. Alternatively, the Totallee Slim Case or Zagg Crystal Palace allows you to still appreciate the Pixel's design beneath by being slim and transparent respectively. These are only a few options available to you, so we have compiled a list below to help show off the best options available. 

Best Google Pixel 8 Pro cases right now

What to look for in the best Google Pixel 8 Pro cases

Step one in finding the best Google Pixel 8 Pro case is to make sure that the ones you're looking at will fit your device. As good as the best Google Pixel 8 cases may be, they won’t fit your Pro-sized phone given the vastly different screen sizes (6.7 inches for the Pro, 6.2 inches for the standard Pixel). So make sure any case you buy is specifically designed for the Pixel 8 Pro.

Even the best Google Pixel 7 Pro cases won’t work for your Pixel 8. Last year’s Pro mode is a hair larger than the Pixel 8 Pro (6.41 x 3.02 x 0.35 inches for the Pixel 7 Pro; 6.4 x 3.01 x 0.35 inches for the Pixel 8 Pro). Stick with Pixel 8 Pro-specific cases to ensure the best fit.

Once you've narrowed your search to the right cases, consider these other factors for your Pixel 8 Pro:

  • Drop protection: If protection is key to you, you'll want a case that promises at least 4 feet of drop protectio. Our list of the best Pixel 8 Pro cases includes offerings that exceed that minimum, some of which provide drop protection in double digits. That usually means a thicker case, though.
  • Materials: A growing number of case makers are turning to eco-friendly materials —largely recycled plastic — as consumers look for more sustainable accessories. If that includes you, consider options made out recycled materials or alternatives to leather.
  • Functionality: Some cases provide protection for your Pixel 8 Pro and little else. Others take a more multipurpose approach, offering slots to store cash and credit cards or a kickstand for propping up your phone when you want to go hands free.
  • Wireless charging support: Many — but not all — Pixel 8 Pro cases are thin enough to let you charge your phone wirelessly, but double-check that your case will let you do that if wireless charging is a must-have feature for you. Some cases offer MagSafe compatibility so that you can more easily attach other accessories to the phone.
  • Price: There's a wide-range of prices out there for Pixel 8 Pro cases, with bargain offerings starting around $20. We've seen prices go higher, so try to keep your purchase to $70 or less.

How we pick the best Google Pixel 8 Pro cases

We turn to word-of-mouth and customer reviews to assemble an initial list of Google Pixel 8 Pro cases before conducting our own research into what each case has to offer. In some instances, we’ll bring in cases for additional testing to verify manufacturer claims.

In our evaluations, we consider prices, color options, drop-protection ratings and additional functionality for the different cases. We look to include a variety of cases in our top picks to make sure that you'll have options that fit your own personal taste.

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