Best Google Pixel 8 cases in 2024

best google pixel 8 cases
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Get yourself one of the best Google Pixel 8 cases as soon as you have your phone (or failing that, as soon as possible) to make sure your device has the protection it deserves.

Our top picks for the best Google Pixel 8 cases include options for users who put their phones through the ringer as well as those who are looking for more everyday form and function. While some cases offer more drop protection than others, everything on this list can guard against things like scratches, cracks, and dirt. And some even add a little style to the Pixel’s distinctive design.

Best Google Pixel 8 cases

What to look for in the best Google Pixel 8 cases

The first thing to consider when selecting a case for your Pixel 8 is to make sure that your selection fits your new phone. The best Pixel 7 cases won’t work, as the Pixel 7 is taller and wider than the Pixel 8. The best Google Pixel 8 Pro cases won’t work either, as the Pro model is larger than the standard Pixel 8. 

Once you’ve ensured you’re searching for the right size case, there are a few other factors to keep in mind:

  • Drop protection: You’ll want to consider cases that promise drop protection of at least 4 feet (about the height of most drops), especially if you have a habit of letting your phone slip through your fingers. Not every Pixel 8 case prioritizes drop protection, but a few offer it at 10 feet or more.
  • Price: The Pixel 8 cases on our list start at around $20 for the budget-conscious and top out around $50. You can find cheaper options (and more expensive ones, too), but $20 to $50 offers a good range of designs. 
  • Extra features: Many cases offer little else besides protecting your Pixel 8. This is important, of course, but depending on how you use your phone, you may want to consider options that have magnetic accessory attachments, MagSafe compatibility, or a foldable kickstand.
  • Aesthetics: Finally, some Pixel 8 cases are low-profile and come only in one or a few neutral colors, while others are bulkier (generally with greater protection) or have a myriad of patterns to choose from for those who want their devices to stand out. 

How we pick the best Google Pixel 8 cases

To compile our list of the best Pixel 8 cases, we started with word of mouth and then conducted in-depth research into features available. We considered criteria like drop protection, appearance, extra functionality, and price, and aimed to include options to fit a variety of user needs and preferences. 

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