WiiM unveils two new music streaming hubs for audiophiles on a budget at High End Munich 2024

WiiM Amp in lifestyle setting with speaker and turntable on a desktop
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The maker of one of my favorite entry-level networked music players has just unveiled the WiiM Ultra and WiiM Amp Pro streaming add-ons to bolster its range of affordable smart home audio solutions. Launched today (May 9) at High End Munich 2024, the luxury audio trade event might seem like an unusual setting for a budget-conscious tech company to introduce affordable Hi-Fi products, but with Q Acoustics also launching a 7th iteration of its entry-level speakers at High End Munich, it’s not alone. 

Typically the annual trade event is home to the world’s finest audio showcases, but the Californian-based technology company chose the MOC exhibition hall as the location for the global launch of its new affordable streaming solutions.

WiiM Ultra and WiiM Amp Pro at High End Munich 2024

WiiM Ultra (left) and WiiM Amp Pro (right) join the company's growing lineup of affordable smart home audio products. (Image credit: Future)

I loved the company’s compact WiiM Amp when I tested it at home in my Hi-Fi setup. Its smart music streaming approach had one of the smoothest setup experiences I've encountered. The genius device turned my ‘dumb’ passive speakers into a music streaming powerhouse for just $299, and although not perfect, it gives luxury audiophile streamers a run for the money. 

WiiM Ultra

WiiM Ultra

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The new WiiM Ultra is a digital network hub with a vibrant 3.5-inch full-color touchscreen covered with glass. Like a Chromecast or Apple TV for your audio system, the WiiM Ultra builds on the Wiim Pro music streamer aimed at audio lovers looking to bring all the modern-day music streaming smarts and multiroom integration to traditional speaker and amp setups, but claims improved audio capabilities and ease of use.

The touchscreen is a useful addition to everyday functionality. It means music lovers will be able to view album artwork, navigate playback and get useful control feedback, and adjust system settings from the front panel as well as via the WiiM control app on a smartphone or tablet.

There’s a volume control on the front panel and a rich selection of audio inputs and outputs on the back that includes HDMI ARC, analog line-level and phono inputs, a digital optical input, analog outs, a USB port, subwoofer out, and a headphone jack. The 32-bit/384kHz ES9038 Q2M SABRE DAC means it can handle full hi-res audio, too. Built-in room correction technology can also fine-tune the sound output to your room and speakers to optimize performance to your listening environment.

It’s said to have the latest Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 wireless connectivity with two antennas offering rock-solid Bluetooth or Wi-Fi audio streaming via UPnP, AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Alexa Casting, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, and Bluetooth.

Billed as a digital music hub, it seamlessly connects with a wide range of audio components including turntables, TVs, headphones, AV receivers, subwoofers, smart speakers, Bluetooth headsets, and more, offering a comprehensive and versatile audio solution.

The WiiM Ultra will be available for $329 when it on goes on sale in the summer.

WiiM Amp Pro

WiiM Amp Pro

(Image credit: WiiM)

The WiiM Amp Pro ($369) is a step-up version of the WiiM Amp but with upgraded components and advanced signal processing for improved audio quality and enhanced wireless connectivity. 

As with the original WiiM Amp ($299) it claims 60W per channel at 8 ohms (120W at 4 ohms) for connection to passive speakers. It can also connect to a TV via HDMI (ARC) and any line-level analog source via stereo RCAs. The amplifier's compact form factor also features minor cosmetic updates to the knob buttons, status LED, volume LEDs and comes with a metal rear as well as redesigned internal circuits.

Once again, the WiiM Ultra will be available for $329, and the WiiM Amp Pro for $369 at wiimhome.com. At the time of writing, there was no firm on sale date, but we’re told that both products will be sold through Amazon and select retail partners.

Look out for my reviews coming soon.

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