My favorite entry-level speakers just got a next-gen boost at High End Munich 2024

Q Acoustics 3050c group
(Image credit: Q Acoustics)

British audio specialist Q Acoustics is synonymous with speaker systems tailored to music and home theater setups. It has some of the best Bluetooth stereo speaker systems I’ve tried — as well as high-performance passive (non-powered) Hi-Fi speaker ranges — and has just unveiled a new affordable 3000c loudspeaker series at High End Munich 2024 (Europe's biggest Hi-Fi show).

Despite High End Munich 2024 typically showcasing the latest products and tech from the world's finest luxury audio brands, not everything comes with a monstrous price tag. The new Q Acoustics 3000c loudspeaker line-up is designed for budget-conscious music and movie lovers. It's a great example of some of the more affordable products being showcased at the trade show this year that runs from May 9 to 12. 

With prices for the new 3000c loudspeaker series spanning $399 to $1,199 (£329 to £899), it's easy to see why the updated models are billed as the ideal passive (non-powered) speaker series for anyone looking to enter the audiophile world without needing to spend big. 

Q Acoustics 3010c in white

Q Acoustics 3000c series in white satin with satin nickel driver trim surround.  (Image credit: Q Acoustics)

The next-gen speaker series evolves the company’s 3000i lineup — one of the world’s most popular entry-level designs — while maintaining its track record for high sonic performance in a modern, high-quality design. Tailored towards both Hi-Fi enthusiasts and multi-channel home theater applications, the new series is expected to be available at and specialist audio retailers in August.

As with previous 3000-series speakers, the new c-series includes one bookshelf design, two standmount speakers and one floorstanding tower speaker. Each is fitted with a C3 (pronounced C-cubed) mid/bass driver that uses a continuous curved cone developed for the company's 5000-series, and was also incorporated into the new M40 powered micro-tower speakers unveiled earlier this year. 

The cone profile is said to achieve better integration with the high-frequency driver (tweeter), and brings better low-frequency dynamics to the speaker's performance. It's also said to aid placement flexibility when positioning the speakers relative to wall boundaries in the listening space. 

As with all Q Acoustics' speakers, each cabinet design employs the company’s P2P (Point-to-Point) internal bracing to help minimize internal distortions and sound coloration for better stereo imaging and soundstage. 

Q Acoustics 3000c group at High End Munich 2024

On display at High End Munich 2024 for the first time, the 7th iteration of Q Acoustics' entry-level speaker series will be available in claro rosewood, satin white, satin black, and light pin oak color options.   (Image credit: Future)

The 5-strong family will be comprised of a 3010c bookshelf ($399 / £329), 3020c standmount ($499 / £399), 3030c larger standmount ($649 / £499) and 3050c floorstander ($1,199 / £899). A 3090c center-channel speaker ($399 / £299) completes the new series for multi-channel home theater setups.

There will also be two 5.1 home theater packages available based around 3010c standmount and 3050c floorstanding tower speakers, although prices are yet to be confirmed. At the time of writing, there was no mention of prices or when the 3000c would be available in Australia.

Color options run to a light pin oak finish, claro rosewood, satin white, and satin black. The speaker front baffle has an attractive one-piece driver trim finished in satin chrome on the satin white cabinet and satin nickel on the other color options.

The 3050c floorstanding model boasts a solid aluminum stabilizer design with adjustable floor spikes for level adjustment. The series also includes low-profile speaker binding posts for easy placement close to a wall.

All models will be on available to buy from and its retailer partners in August.

Look out for my hands-on coming soon as I get to demo the new series at the High End Munich 2024 show.

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