My favorite KEF speakers just got a big bass boost with 5 new subwoofers that integrate with all kinds of audio setups

KEF KC92 lifestyle with R11Meta speakers in a lifestyle setting
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Hot on the heels of last month's announcement that introduced the KEF LSX II Lite wireless audio system joining the popular LS speaker lineup, KEF has just announced it will be adding five new subwoofers as well. Unveiled today (February 20), new 15, 12, 10 and 8-inch Kube MIE subwoofer versions as well as a KC92 twin 9-inch force-canceling subwoofer join the line-up. 

All models will officially go on sale on February 27, but myKEF members can purchase the new models immediately. Given the number of new models launched at the same time, KEF clearly understands the power of boosting the listening experience with large scale sound that adding dedicated active sub-bass systems can bring to a home theater setup when watching action movies, or listening to music with a full range of bass frequencies. 

KEF KC92 black front perspective on white

Available in gloss black and gloss white options, the KEF KC92 has a back-to-back force-canceling dual driver arrangement and claims 1,000W total power output. (Image credit: KEF)

As the more costly model among the new additions, the $1,999 KC92 (pictured above) gets top billing. It's the most interesting new subwoofer model in the new line-up, and claims the kind of power capabilities and precision to be an explosive addition with any of the best soundbars.

The KC92 joins the smaller KC62 (fitted with twin 6-inch drivers) as a larger 9-inch version that uses the same back-to-back force-canceling driver arrangement. It claims 1,000W power output (a dedicated 500W Class D amplifier for each 9-inch driver) capabilities, offering immense power and control to achieve sudden low-frequency bursts precisely when needed. It also features KEF’s patent-pending P-Flex Surround drivers said to allow the dual drivers to move more precisely. The frequency range claims to go as low as 11Hz thanks to optimized driver excursion characteristics.

KEF KC92 subwoofer showing connectivity on the rear

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The KC92 has both line-level and speaker-level inputs, which means it can be hooked up to any of the best AV receivers or Hi-Fi amplifier. Utilizing KEF's SmartConnect, it can automatically optimize its output performance, and there's a line output with High Pass Filter (HPF) for fine-tuning the sub to integrate it with other speakers in the setup. Five room modes allow the KC92 to integrate into free space, wall, corner, cabinet or apartment placement options.

New KEF Kube MIE subwoofers

KEF KUBE MIE subwoofer lineup on a white background

(Image credit: KEF)

The four new KEF Kube MIE subwoofers come in 15, 12, 10 or 8-inch sizes and are priced at $1,399, $999, $799 and $599 respectively. Each has a front-firing, long-throw driver that's rated a 300W power output tuned using the company's Music Integrity Engine — a proprietary DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithm suite originally developed for the KEF LS60 Wireless speaker system. KEF tells us that the new MIE subs have a tailored DSP to achieve improved sonic capabilities to maximise in-room performance.

Each new Kube MIE has 3 room placement modes including 'free standing', 'wall/in-cabinet' and 'corner' to help it integrate into any room setting. There are line-level and speaker level inputs, meaning connecting them up to any kind of amplifier won't be a problem. KEF's SmartConnect tech automatically determines whether a mono or stereo input signal is being used, optimizing the gain for best performance. 

All KEF subwoofers can be integrated wirelessly using the optional KW1 wireless subwoofer adapter that's available separately and priced at $199 / £100 / AU$400.

Once again, the KEF KC92 costs $1,999 while the KEF Kube MIE subwoofers are available in 15, 12, 10 or 8-inch speaker sizes priced at $1,399, $999, $799 and $599 respectively. The KC92 is available in gloss black or gloss white, while the Kube MIE subs come finished in black only. All models officially go on sale on February 27. 

At the time of writing there was no information on prices for U.K. and Australian markets. I'll update this story as soon as these are available. In the meantime, more information can be found at

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