The best wireless speakers are getting a big upgrade for 2022

The KEF LS60 standing beside a TV and a fireplace.
(Image credit: KEF)

Looking to create a new Hi-Fi audio setup but don’t want to deal with the wires? Legendary speaker maker KEF is in the midst of launching updated versions of two of its best wireless speakers, and they should definitely be on your radar.

Although they both come with a slew of physical connections on the back, both speakers can connect via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to any of your devices and can be controlled wirelessly through the KEF Connect app that supports Amazon Music, Qobuz, Tidal and Deezer. The speakers also support AirPlay 2 and Chromecast as well.

The larger of the two, the KEF LS60 (pictured above) is a traditional tower speaker that comes in four colors, offers a half-dozen drivers — four of which are the company’s 135mm Uni-Core Force Cancelling design — and is available now on KEF’s website

In terms of speaker specs, in addition to the four Uni-Core drivers, there’s also a 100mm MF driver and a 19mm HF driver with a vented aluminum dome with Metamaterial Absorption Technology. In layman’s terms, the KEF LS60 is a powerful wireless speaker that can absolutely recreate the feel of a cinema in your basement.

The KEF LSX II next to a turntable.

(Image credit: KEF)

If full-on tower speakers aren’t going to fit in your living room, KEF has also announced an update to its famous LSX wireless speakers in the form of the new LSX II that drops on June 23.

The KEF LSX II are shaped like a pair of large bookshelf speakers, but are slightly bigger than what you’d traditionally see. In the middle of the cabinet, the KEF LSX II has a Uni-Q driver array that features a 115mm magnesium/aluminum alloy cone driver and a 19mm aluminum dome tweeter. 

The KEF LSX II will come in five colors — Carbon Black, Mineral White, Cobalt Blue, Lava Red and Soundwave — and can put out around 200W of system power.

Now for the bad news: neither of the speakers will come cheap. The LSX II starts at $1,400 while the larger LS60 comes in at an eye-watering $7,000 per pair.  

There are a number of cheaper wireless speakers out there — the Apple HomePod mini and Amazon Echo chief among them. And there's plenty of great options on our best soundbars list. But if you’re looking for more premium wireless speakers that can match the picture performance of the best 4K TVs, KEF’s latest are the top of their class.

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