First look — Luma's new Dream Machine could be the AI video creator we've always wanted

An eye generated with Luma's Dream Machine
(Image credit: Luma)

Luma Labs has launched a new video creating AI model called Dream Machine to the masses today. Everyone can try it for free to see what kind of cool videos they can come up with using text and images. If you've had a video kicking around your brain but don't have the video editing skills (and time and money), this AI tool could help you bring the idea to life.

The company announced the new AI model on X with some examples of videos created using the tool. "Introducing Dream Machine - a next generation video model for creating high quality, realistic shots from text instructions and images using AI," reads the post.

As of this writing, demand is high, so you may not be able to create anything. A warning label on the top of the Dream Machine website reads, "Generations take 120 seconds. However, due to extremely high demand, your request will be queued." 

I tried it and found that the created videos appeared on the My Videos page as blank images with my prompt written underneath. When I clicked one of the videos, it took me a page with my text prompt written on the screen without a video. In total, I let about 15 minutes pass before giving up. 

Obviously, once the hype of the new tool dwindles, it'll be easier to get in there and create something, especially if the normal generation time is 120 seconds. 

As mentioned, everyone can try it out, but you will need to sign up for an account. Once done, you get 30 generations remaining for the month on the free plan, with more expensive plans offering as many as 2,000 generations per month for $499. Being able to create 30 videos without spending anything is a great deal, as most people are unlikely to need more than that for personal use.

The camera movements in the video above look incredibly authentic. If you didn't tell me Dream Machine made the video, I'd have no problem believing that it was created with a high-end camera on some sort of dolly.

We'll have full hands-on impressions with the new model from our AI expert Ryan Morrison later (once we can actually get it to work). In the meantime, it's definitely worth signing up and giving it a try. However, you might be waiting a considerable time before you actually get to see anything your imagination can drum up.

If you can't wait to try out AI video generation, check out Sora and Pika labs, as they're already available and offer similar features, though early results seem to indicate that Dream Machine is slightly more powerful.

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