FIVE More Developers Leave Infinity Ward

The resignations continue at Infinity Ward. Last week the body count was up to 13, and today we find out that there are now five more added to that pile.

According to Kotaku, senior designers Mohammad Alavi, Chad Grenier, and Brent McLeod are out, along with programmer Chris Lambert and designer Jason McCord.

By our latest tally, that brings the total to 18 down from Infinity Ward since the dramatic terminations of former studio heads Jason West and Vince Zampella.

  1. senior designer Mohammad Alavi
  2. senior designer Chad Grenier
  3. senior designer Brent McLeod
  4. programmer Chris Lambert
  5. designer Jason McCord
  6. lead animator Mark Grigsby
  7. lead character animator Paul Messerly
  8. senior animator Bruce Ferriz
  9. lead designer Steve Fukuda
  10. lead designer Zied Reike
  11. lead designer Todd Alderman
  12. lead designer Mackey McCandlish
  13. programmer Rayme Vinson
  14. programmer Jon Shiring
  15. lead artist Chris Cherubini
  16. lead software engineer Francesco Gigliotti
  17. CEO and studio head Vince Zampella
  18. President and CCO Jason West

Last week we also saw that most of those who have left Infinity Ward are gathering together at Respawn Entertainment.

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  • XD_dued
    danimal_the_animalsounds like a new company will start up....

    already did :)
  • proxy711
    Its cool guys IW still has the janitor and the security guard MW3 INC!
  • timbo
    Looks like the next Modern Warfare installment will be made with the pc gaming community in mind. Dedicated servers & hopefully mapping tools, anyone?
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  • danimal_the_animal
    sounds like a new company will start up....
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    So after all of the developers join respawn I wonder what they will call it then? Respawned?