Apple Watch users can earn a limited edition badge today only — here's how

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Many Apple Watch users will agree that their favorite Apple Watch fitness feature is the ability to earn badges based on activity milestones. These badges can also be earned in the form of limited-edition badges that celebrate certain fitness-themed days. Today, June 21, is one of those days.

Today marks International Day of Yoga, and for the occasion, Apple Watch users can collect the 2024 edition of the badge when they record a yoga workout of at least 10 minutes. Yoga is one of the dozens of workout types you can track on any of the best Apple Watch models, from the Apple Watch Series 9 to Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Beyond tracking the yoga workout on your watch, there aren't many limitations on how you bank your 10 minutes towards the reward. You can use your Apple Watch for hot yoga, try a calming mindful yoga practice, or follow along with one of the many yoga practices available on Apple Fitness Plus. (I personally recommend one of Jonelle's classes, but you can't go wrong with any of the Fitness Plus coaches.)

Even if you don't practice yoga regularly, this badge could be a bit of an incentive to try something new. Yoga is an excellent form of recovery after all, promoting mindful movement, better balance, and improved flexibility. You can check out our yoga tips for beginners to prepare for your practice, in case you're not sure what to expect.

No, you might not close your Apple Watch rings doing yoga as quickly as you would for an Apple Watch running workout or Apple Watch biking workout. But you can count a 10-minute yoga workout as your post-cardio cooldown. 

Either way, I recommend finding a bit of time today to collect your International Day of Yoga 2024 badge. The International Day of Yoga only comes around once per year, and the badge is slightly different each year. The 2024 version will join your collection of badges permanently, and when you look back, you'll hopefully have a sense of pride in having earned a limited-edition badge. Maybe you have a Global Running Day badge or my personal favorite, the International Dance Day badge, in your library, too.

To start a yoga workout, go into your Workout app and find the Yoga option (indicated by a person balancing on one leg). You can create a pre-set workout based on a time or calorie goal, or just start an open flow. When you end your workout of at least 10 minutes, you'll get a notification that you earned the International Day of Yoga 2024 badge.

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