Best yoga mats 2023: superb designs for grip, style, and all practices

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The best yoga mats will transform your yoga practice whether you enjoy hot yoga, practicing in your living room, or rolling out your mat on vacation. 

If you find yourself sliding through warrior poses or suffering with achy joints in Yin class, it could be time for a new yoga mat better suited to your practice. From Lululemon to Manduka, we've tested the best models at Tom's Guide to bring you the pros and cons of each before you invest.

Yoga mats vary in design, style, cost, and materials so we recommend doing some homework before parting with your cash. Yin yogis will want to consider a thicker mat to support long holds (we swear by this yoga for knee pain workout if you love Yin), whereas thinner mats help you connect with the ground better for shoulder balances and inversions. 

Whichever yoga mat you invest in, we swear by this accessory to improve your practice. We got to work testing the best yoga mats for you, so whether you’re leveling up your inversion practice or simply improving your flexibility and mobility — we’ve got you covered. Once you've found your perfect yoga mat, learn how to clean your yoga mat properly to keep it lasting for years to come, and find out yoga vs Pilates: which burns more calories

The best yoga mats 2023

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How to choose the best yoga mat for you

When shopping for the best yoga mats, there are a number of factors to consider, before buying: 

Size and thickness: Most standard yoga mats are about ¼ inch thick, but you may want a thicker mat if you require more cushioning for your wrists and knees. If you're a taller yogi and don’t want to go “off mat” while you practice, look for a longer yoga mat. 

Grip: Will the texture and surface provide grip and traction during your class or workout? The last thing you want is an injury because the mat slipped mid-practice. Look for mats that are designed to be grippy without the need for a yoga towel if this is important.

Sustainability: If making sustainable choices is important to you, you should look into the materials of the mat and how and where it’s made. 

Odor: As for odor and visual appeal, those vary by the mat’s manufacturer. Some of the best yoga mats have an initial unpleasant smell, which can dissipate after cleaning.

Cost: The best yoga mats come in a wide range of prices, from affordable, sub-$20 options to higher-end, brand-name selections. When it comes to cost, you may want to think about how often and how heavily you’ll use the mat. If you’re a dedicated yogi or you want to use a mat for HIIT workouts, you may want to splurge for a tougher mat that can hold up under the conditions.

 Best yoga mats for hot yoga

If you prefer hot yoga (or you tend to get sweaty during workouts), the grip will be your single most important factor when choosing the best yoga mat for hot yoga. A thinner mat will also help you ground down better during balances and inversions because there’s less distance because you can connect better with the floor.

Natural rubber tends to fare better in heat, and any brand that uses moisture-wicking materials will prevent slipping and bacteria build-up. You can often find this information on the brand’s website. We love cork yoga mats for this reason, but they can be harder to clean and stain more easily.  

It’s best to consider the type of classes you prefer. Fast-paced classes will require quick transitions, so you’ll need to balance a grippy texture with the ability to move with ease, whereas Yin yoga lovers might prefer plush cushioning. 

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