Apple Watch 10 tipped for bigger screen — but it could miss this key upgrade

Apple Watch X render with larger display
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We know that the Apple Watch 10 is coming soon, but the new smartwatch may be rather bittersweet. Or at least, that’s what Bloomberg's Mark Gurman is reporting based on insider sources within Apple. That means that while the Apple Watch 10 will have some notable upgrades, there are plenty of things you shouldn’t get your hopes up for.

Let’s start with the good news. According to Gurman, the Apple Watch 10 will come in two sizes, both with larger screens than the Apple Watch Series 9 series. In fact, the largest is said to be around the same size as the Apple Watch Ultraa rumor we have heard before. Apparently, the Apple Watch Ultra 3 won’t be getting much of a redesign, though.

Both watches are also said to get a brand new chip, which will offer some of the groundwork for AI on your wrist. However, here comes the first piece of bad news. Gurman says that Apple Intelligence won’t be available on the Apple Watch 10 or Ultra 3. If you want Ai, for the time being you’ll be stuck between choosing an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Gurman also says that Apple has run into some “serious snags” when it comes to health features. Rumors have suggested we could get new sensors for tracking blood pressure and sleep apnea. Sadly, it sounds like these features aren’t working so well in testing. 

Blood pressure monitoring isn’t proving to be as reliable as Apple hoped, Gurman says, while the sleep apnea detection was tied to blood oxygen saturation — a feature that’s been tied up after Masimo Corp successfully sued for patent infringement. Unless Apple can come up with a workaround or find a legal loophole, that feature is going to have to be delayed or scrapped altogether.

On a lighter note, it’s reported that Apple has made a major milestone on developing blood glucose tracking on the Apple Watch. But since this is described as a “long term goal” it’s unlikely that we’ll see it launch on this year’s models. 

Another Apple Watch SE could also be on the way, potentially swapping the aluminum frame for rigid plastic. Gurman speculates that this could be to help bring the cost of the watch down to something more in line with rival smartwatches — like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch FE.

Both new smartwatches should be announced alongside the iPhone 16 at the September Apple Event — and you can keep up to date with all the latest news and rumors in our Apple Watch 10 and Apple Watch Ultra 3 hubs.

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