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Apple Watch Series 9
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Updated April 11
- Apple Watch X is tipped for a big battery life boost thanks to a display breakthrough
- Plans for an Apple Watch with a MicroLED display have reportedly been shelved

Although we’re still several months away from seeing the Apple Watch Series 10 (or more simply, Apple Watch 10) it’s not too early to track down rumors and start speculating about the improvements we’ll see over the Apple Watch Series 9.

Apple has released a new Apple Watch every year since the original, so unless the company breaks tradition, the Apple Watch 10 will be announced in the late summer or early fall of 2024. Chances are, this highly-anticipated watch will launch alongside the iPhone 16 family.

But while we’ve seen some early iPhone 16 rumors, we haven’t heard much news about the next-generation Apple Watch. That said, we’re guessing the Apple Watch 10 will get upgrades for health tracking, communication and safety. It could also sport a different design, or exclusive features via watchOS 11.

Currently, there aren’t signs pointing to additional Apple Watch models, such as another Apple Watch SE or follow-up to the sporty Apple Watch Ultra 2. But that could change as we learn more about the Apple Watch 10. For what it's worth, there have been tips in the past about a so-called Apple Watch X, though it's unclear if that's a roman numeral naming for Series 10. In the meantime, here is everything we know about the upcoming Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 10 cheat sheet: Biggest rumors

  • Release date prediction: September 2024
  • Price prediction: from $399
  • Design: Thinner build and new magnetic band mechanism 
  • Chip: S10 (likely to be similar to S9)
  • Features: Possible sleep apnea detection
  • Software: watchOS 11

Apple Watch 10: Possible price and availability

If there’s one thing about the Apple Watch 10 we’re the most certain of, it’s that the release date is scheduled for sometime in late summer or early fall of this year. As is the case for the iPhone, Apple releases at least one new smartwatch every year. Recently, the company has even launched multiple versions of the Apple Watch, giving customers more options to choose from.

That said, the flagship Apple Watch 10 will likely start at $399 for a 41mm-sized model based on previous pricing. The larger 45mm version will probably start at $429. For cellular support, which lets your Apple Watch optionally work untethered from your iPhone, Apple will expect customers to spend $499 for the 41mm size or $529 for the 45mm size. 

Apple Watch 10: Design

Although the general appearance of the Apple Watch has remained the same since the original, small changes every few generations have made the device more modern-looking. Whether it's intentional or not, Apple has followed a three-year cycle for these changes. The last time it altered the Apple Watch design was for the Apple Watch Series 7 when the display grew by 20% — this was three years ago. 

That means the Apple Watch 10 may be due for a more drastic change than we saw between the Apple Watch Series 9 vs. Apple Watch Series 8. According to the latest intel, we won't see the long-rumored switch to MicroLED displays. Instead from what we have heard so far, we can expect to see a thinner case on the new design. This insights come from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who's provided a number of accurate Apple tips in the past.

Apple Watch Sport Loop

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According to Apple leaker Kosutami, the band connection system in the Apple Watch will get a complete redesign this year, too. That could mean all existing watch bands will be incompatible with future releases like the Apple Watch 10. This change seems like it could upset users with extensive watch band collections, so we're interested to see if Apple takes this risk and what solution it pitches.

Apple Watch 10: Features

The Apple Watch 10 will adopt the best core features of the Apple Watch: comprehensive workout tracking, support for hundreds of apps, convenient on-wrist communication, safety tools and more. The question is what kind of new features will be special for the latest version of the Apple Watch.

For the Apple Watch Series 9, Apple debuted an innovative navigation gesture called Double Tap. Double Tap for Apple Watch lets you do things like answer calls and pause timers by tapping your index finger and thumb on your watch hand together twice. This feature is made possible by the S9 processor, which is the most powerful Apple Watch chip to date.

Apple Watch 6 back

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Earlier rumors pointed to the Apple Watch 10 or Apple Watch X prioritizing health upgrades. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s next-generation wearables will monitor and alert for signs of sleep apnea and hypertension. But ongoing legal battles with health-tech company Masimo has put those features in doubt. Unless the upcoming smartwatch gets a new blood oxygen sensor that differs enough from the one at the center of the dispute, reading and analyzing SpO2 data might not be possible for the Apple Watch 10.

We could get a clue about new features when Apple previews watchOS 11 at WWDC on June 10. The annual developer's conference gives us our first look at the upcoming software that will come loaded on the Apple Watch 10.

Apple Watch 10: Battery life

At the top of every Apple Watch user's wishlist is a longer battery life. The flagship Apple Watch only lasts up to 18 hours with normal use, while the Apple Watch Ultra 2 lasts up to 36 hours. Although the low power mode and our guide on tips to make your watch last longer help, we'd all like to see better battery life estimates.

According to a report from The Elec, a battery life boost could finally happen for Apple Watch 10. Apple is apparently looking to include low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) thin-film transistor (TFT) technology on the device's display, which could significantly improve the display's power consumption. Ideally, even at the same current brightness level, the watch will last longer than previous versions.

Apple Watch 10: Outlook

We have little doubt the Apple Watch 10, Apple Watch Series 10, Apple Watch X — or whatever Apple names it next smartwatch — will be one of the best smartwatches of the year. But rivaling smartwatches are better than ever, and with the Masimo lawsuit looming, all eyes are on Apple to see how it marks the 10th anniversary of its category-leading smartwatch.

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