I'm a mattress tester with back pain — 3 mattresses I'd buy in the extended 4th of July sales

The WinkBed mattress
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As a mattress tester with lower back pain, I’m always on the hunt for the best mattresses to support my back and give me relief from aches and pains. And right now, I’d recommend investing in the WinkBed, which you can save $300 on in all sizes this 4th of July.

The WinkBed features in our best mattress round-up, thanks to its targeted support to keep all sleeping styles comfortable at night. It's this support that makes the WinkBed one of our highly recommended mattresses for back pain suffers. Plus, it's customizable firmness options mean that it's suitable for all types of sleepers.

Some extended 4th of July mattress sales are still here, and the current $300 off discount is one we're used to seeing - but the WinkBed is excellent value for back pain sufferers all year round. However, there are two more deals from Saatva and Purple that can provide enough back support at a cheaper price for a limited time only.

1. WinkBed mattress: was from $1,149 now from $849  at WinkBeds 

1. WinkBed mattress: was from $1,149 now from $849  at WinkBeds 
The WinkBed features in our best mattress for back pain buyer's guide. In our WinkBed mattress review, we found that the mattress offering superior targeted support, with a zoned coil layer that offers firmer pressure where needed and lighter support in others to allow for more contouring. WinkBeds never sell its mattress at full price and the $300 discount is an evergreen offer that we’ve never seen bettered. However, with a queen at $1,499 from the MSRP of $1,799, I think this is a great price for a high-quality mattress that has plenty of options for different sleepers.

2. Purple Plus mattress: was from $1,495now from $1,199 at Purple

2. Purple Plus mattress: was from $1,495 now from $1,199 at Purple
Our Purple Plus Mattress review loved the spring support ideal for joint pain. Purple mattress deals are infrequent and hard to predict, so it's best to take advantage of the current $300 discount, which gets you a queen for $1,599 plus free pillows.

3. Saatva RX mattress:  now from$1,795 at Saatva

3. Saatva RX mattress: was from $1,995 now from $1,795 at Saatva
Our Saatva RX mattress review praised this mattress's enhanced back support and excellent pressure relief, along with sturdy edge support. Right now there's a Saatva mattress sale that takes up to $400 off the Saatva RX, with a queen down to $2,945. Extras include a 1-year sleep trial, free white glove delivery, and a lifetime warranty.

How to choose the best mattress for back pain 

the best mattress for back pain is medium firm to firm. The best hybrid mattress options often feature highly when it comes to helpful beds for back pain, with the layers of foam and coils providing enough cushioning and support to keep most sleepers comfortable. Those with lower back pain will probably find one of the best firm mattresses the beneficial option but for those with aches and pains across the back, a softer medium firm mattress might be a better fit.  

Body type also plays a part, as the mattress needs to provide the correct level of support to keep the spine aligned, along with enough cushioning to prevent pressure build up at the hips and shoulders. Heavier sleepers and those who sleep on their stomach will need a firmer mattress to keep the spine aligned and hips raised, while lightweight and side sleepers need more cushioning to prevent pressure points building up. Remember, firmness is subjective, which is why choosing a mattress with a trial period is so important.

Jo Plumridge
Mattress tester and sleep writer

Jo Plumridge is an experienced mattress reviewer with several years' experience covering all things mattresses and sleep, and who tests memory foam, hybrid and organic mattresses. What Jo doesn't know about a boxed mattress isn't worth knowing, so naturally we tasked her with producing a series of features for Tom's Guide looking at all aspects of mattresses, from how to pick between latex and memory foam (it's a tricky one), to the seven mistakes people make when buying a mattress for the first time. When testing the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid for Tom's Guide, Jo said: "I loved the back support and pressure relief it offered. Plus, it looks far more expensive than it is." When she isn’t writing about sleep, Jo also writes extensively on interior design, home products and photography.