How much does a mattress cost and how much should you spend?

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Here at Tom’s Guide, we recommend spending as much as you can afford on a mattress, as an investment in a mattress is an investment in your sleep. We’re firm believers that the best mattress doesn’t have to cost the earth, but with price differences sometimes spanning thousands of dollars, knowing exactly how much to spend on a mattress can be confusing. 

Ultimately, there's a mattress for every budget and sleep style. For those on a tighter budget, you can buy a queen size Siena Memory Foam mattress for just $399, which is an excellent price for a top-rated foam bed.

However, as your budget increases, so will the quality of materials in the mattresses you'll be looking at. Organic, sustainable and specialist materials will increase the overall cost of your mattress. It’s also worth noting that hybrids, which are crafted from a combination of coils and foams, tend to cost more than all-foam models. 

Of course, timing your purchase to coincide with a major sale event like the upcoming Presidents’ Day mattress sale means you can stretch your money further. Right now, a 50% off early Presidents’ Day sale means that you can buy a queen size DreamCloud Hybrid mattress for just $665. That’s great value, especially when you consider its luxurious finishes (cashmere blend cover), 365-night trial and lifetime warranty. 

So how much should you spend on a new mattress? Let's take a look at what you can get for your money these days...

How much does a mattress cost: What $500 or less gets you

The explosion of mattress in a box manufacturing and online retailing means that many sleep brands are saving money by eschewing traditional bricks and mortar stores, which trickles down to the consumer. So there’s never been a better time to buy a quality cheap mattress, which we deem to cost $500 and less for a queen size. 

The Siena Mattress tops our best cheap mattress buyers guide

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But what exactly are you getting for your money? In order to appeal to your pocket, certain concessions need to be made. For example, the best cheap mattresses will nearly always be all-foam, as these are cheaper to construct than innersprings or hybrid mattresses, while PU foams may be used in place of memory foams.

Shopping within this price range means you’re less likely to get a decent sleep trial or warranty period. Plus, durability can be an issue. So even though you’re saving money in the short term by buying a cheap bed, they can be a false economy as you may have to replace it sooner than if you spent more.

If you’re looking to buy a mattress within this price category, we recommend buying a budget model from a trusted retailer, as they tend to be crafted from the same quality materials as their pricier models. For example, the Siena Memory Foam mattress, which tops our cheap mattress guide, is made by Resident Home, the company behind one of the best memory foam mattresses in the world, the Nectar Memory Foam (read our Nectar Mattress review to learn why we rate it).

Siena Memory Foam: $499$199 at Siena Sleep

Siena Memory Foam: From $499 $199 at Siena Sleep
An evergreen $300 discount means you can bring queen size Siena Memory Foam mattress for just $399. That's incredible value, especially given that it's a similar build quality to its sibling the Nectar Original. Check out our Siena Memory Foam mattress review for a closer look at test data. 

How much does a mattress cost: What $1,000 or less gets you

Increasing your budget to $1,000 and less for a queen means you’re more likely to get a much better quality mattress for your money. Mid-range mattresses, which sit between $500 and $1,000 for a queen, will be durable, comfortable, supportive and, in certain cases, a little bit lavish.  

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress on a wooden bed frame

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For just $665 in the current DreamCloud mattress sale, you can buy a queen size DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, which includes a cashmere blend cover and is crafted from a combination of coils and pressure-relieving memory foam. As well as punching well beyond its price tag in terms of luxury, The DreamCloud also comes on a 365-night sleep trial and has a lifetime warranty. During our DreamCloud Hybrid mattress review, we were impressed with its lumbar support in particular. 

Mattresses within this price category are also designed to support specific sleeping styles, such the Helix Midnight, which sits at the top end of the mid-range category. The Midnight mattress has been designed specifically for side sleepers in mind (it tops our best mattress for side sleepers guide), and boasts excellent temperature regulation and motion isolation. Right now, a 25% early Presidents’ Day sale means you can buy a queen size Helix Midnight mattress for $999.  

As well as an improvement on performance and support, increasing your budget to $1,000 and under means you can buy a mattress made from GOTS certified organic and sustainable materials, such as the Awara Natural Hybrid mattress , which is crafted from New Zealand wool and natural latex and is supportive for most sleeping positions. Currently you can buy a queen size Awara Natural Hybrid mattress for just $949, which is an exceptional price for a mattress with organic credentials. 

Nectar Memory Foam mattress$699

Nectar Memory Foam mattress: From $699 $349 at Nectar Sleep
It's difficult to choose our favorite mattress from within this price category, but the Nectar Memory Foam mattress deserves a special mention. We deem the Nectar Original to be a fantastic memory foam bed, thanks to its combination of support, breathable foam and incredible value for money. Read our Nectar Memory Foam mattress review for more in-depth test analysis.

How much does a mattress cost: What $1,500 or less gets you

Many of the best luxury mattresses sit within this price bracket and generally boast an all over elevated build quality. As opposed to budget-friendly all-foam models, we see innersprings for bounce, body-sculpting memory foam for pressure point relief and motion isolation.  

A woman with blonde hair lies on a Winkbed Mattress while reading

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You don’t quite get the same quality hike as you do going from a budget of $500 and less to $1,000 and less, but this is the price category that we see customizable firmness features beginning to creep in, and perhaps a pillow top for added plushness. And, as our budget increases, so too does our mattress depth, which lends itself to a more luxurious aesthetic. 

A standout from this category include the WinkBed, which you’ll find in a slew of luxury hotels, including The Time Hotel in New York City. With four firmness levels to choose from and sturdy, zoned lumbar support, making it an excellent choice for back pain sufferers (read our WinkBed mattress review for more in-depth analysis).  

The WinkBed Mattress:  $1,149 $849 at WinkBed

The WinkBed Mattress: from $1,149 $849 at WinkBed 
You'll never pay full price on this mattress – a permanent discount knocks $300 off all sizes, dropping a queen size down to $1,499 when you use the code SLEEP300. The WinkBed is a great option if you want the same customization options as the Saatva Classic but don't quite have the budget for it. 

How much does a mattress cost: What $2,000 or less gets you

Once we move into a price category of $2,000 and less for a queen size mattress, customizable firmness ratings and the latest in cooling and hypoallergenic technology become the norm. Organic and sustainable materials are more common place, as are desirable purchase perks, such as free White Glove delivery, which includes the set up of your new mattress and the removal of your old one.  

Image shows the Saatva Classic hybrid mattress on a dark brown bed frame

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The Saatva Classic, which we deem to be the best mattress in the world, sits within this price category. Right now, you can buy a queen size Classic for $1,595, which includes a pre-Presidents’ Day saving of $400 thanks to our exclusive Saatva mattress sale offer. Choose from three firmness options and two different depths, all topped off with a sumptuously soft Pillow Top cover. The Saatva Classic tops our best luxury mattress and best mattress for back pain buying guides, thanks to its all-round luxurious finish and targeted lumbar support. For more in-depth testing analysis, read our year-long Saatva Classic mattress review.  

Like the Saatva Classic, mattresses within this price bracket should boast excellent motion isolation, temperature regulation and pressure relieving support. America's most popular organic mattress, the Avocado Green mattress, sits within this price category - right now you can buy a queen size Avocado Green mattress for $1,799 instead of $1,999 with the latest Avocado mattress deals.  

Another standout from this price bracket is the Helix Midnight Luxe, which provides blissful pressure relief for side sleepers. A 25% off sale means you can buy a queen size Helix Midnight Luxe for $1,780 instead of $2,373 and receive a free bedroom bundle worth $378 too. 

Saatva Classic mattress: $1,295

Saatva Classic mattress: From $1,295 $895 at Saatva
There's currently $400 off the Saatva Classic mattress at Saavta. This exclusive discount brings the price of a queen mattress down to $1,595 (was $1,995). This is an excellent price on an already well-priced quality product, but we have seen prices go as low as $1,395 for a queen size Classic in the past. Based on previous offers, we predict prices won't fall further, so now is the time to buy.

How to choose a good mattress for your budget

Regardless of your budget, buying a new mattress is an investment and there's a lot to take into consideration before you make your purchase. To help narrow down your search, think carefully about your current sleeping situation. What works and what irks about your current set-up? Do you, or anyone you share a bed with, suffer from aches or pains? Do you require  sturdy edge support, or sleep particularly hot? Do you wake up every time your partner rolls over? 

While you should always buy the best mattress you can afford, increasing your budget from $500 and under for a queen to $1,000 and under for a queen will get you a noticeably superior quality mattress. However, if there isn't any wriggle room in your $500 and under budget, look for a budget mattress from a reputable brand, whose mattresses are usually crafted from the same quality materials as their more expensive siblings. 

Finally, look for a mattress with a long free trial period (the Saatva, DreamCloud and Nectar all offer a 365 night sleep trial period) in order to test your mattress over a long period of time, to ensure that it is the right purchase for you. 

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