You don’t need weights to strengthen your triceps — use this 9-move resistance band workout instead

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If you're looking for some great exercises to target your triceps with but don't fancy or have time to hit up the gym, then we think you'll appreciate this arm workout that tunes into the tricep muscles with one of the best resistance bands and nine moves.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, this is a great strength building session for your arms and is super convenient to add into your weekly routine. It involves no weights, takes up little space and doesn't take an age to work through — but we can guarantee your triceps will be feeling the burn by the end of the workout.

The triceps are an important muscle to train in your arms as they play a key role in completing every day pushing movements. When they well trained and strong they can also assist your performance in the gym or in sports such as swimming, tennis or basketball.

Ready to learn some excellent banded exercises for your triceps? Read on to find out.

What is the banded tricep workout?

We know what you're thinking, nine exercises sounds like a lot. But before you talk yourself out of trying this workout, it's worth noting that Whitney Houlin the creator behind this routine advises picking half the exercises, performing each for 10-12 reps and then repeating this same set over again.

This way you can save the other half of the exercises for your next upper body day. Or, if you don't like workouts that involve repeats of certain exercises, why not complete half of the exercises for the first round and the latter half for the second round?

If you want to check out what the moves are before building this tricep workout to suit your preferences, here is a list below. Plus, you can check out Houlin's demonstrations underneath before we discuss the benefits of doing this routine.

  1. Tricep kickback
  2. Hinged Y extension
  3. Lateral extension
  4. Alternating medial extension
  5. Knee supported tricep push-up
  6. Puppy push up
  7. Overhead extension
  8. Y extension
  9. Oil Riggers

The accessibility of this upper body workout is a big bonus, especially if you constantly feel like you never have time to travel to a gym and work on your strength. You really do only need a resistance band which handily eliminates the need for any bulky exercise equipment.

Working for 10-12 reps on each exercise is a solid approach to ensure your muscles are adequately challenged and fatigued for optimal growth and strength gains. Just make sure to allow rest periods between each exercise or else you'll find it hard to maintain good form throughout the routine.

Additionally, performing more than one set of the routine will assist in stimulating muscle hypertrophy and endurance, which helps to increase muscle definition over time. Of course, feel free to adjust the sets and reps to suit your fitness abilities and don't feel tied down by the recommended structure of the workout.

What really counts toward making significant strength gains is consistency. Regularly performing this workout can contribute to noticeable improvements in triceps strength and definition, as well as overall upper body strength.

However, it's important to note that while this workout is great for targeting the triceps, building a stronger upper body requires a complete strength training regime that includes exercises targeting other major muscle groups as well. Be sure to incorporate exercises for the chest, shoulders, back, and core if you're hoping to build balanced strength and prevent things like muscle imbalances or injury.

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