The comfiest Lululemon leggings I’ve ever tested are now less than $100 ahead of Prime Day

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The Tom's Guide team is very familiar with the best Lululemon leggings from our regular testing of them and one thing's for sure, we never tire of Lululemon's Align leggings. Thanks to the early Amazon Prime Day deals happening right now, we have found the Lululemon Align leggings available to buy at Amazon for less than $100 — a sight we love to see!

The Align leggings are a weightless feeling, super stretchy breathable pair of leggings designed to help you comfortably thrive in your favorite low-intensity workouts. For me, they are my go-to leggings I wear for practicing yoga and Pilates in but I also find myself wearing them for running errands and chilling in cause they're so darn comfy.

Lululemon Align full length leggings: was $138 now $84 @ Amazon

Lululemon Align full length leggings: was $138 now $84 @ Amazon
Designed for yoga but perfect for everyday wear, they are so breathable and lightweight you'll forget you are wearing any pants. When you do work up a sweat in the Align leggings, the sweat-wicking material keeps you comfortable by pulling moisture away from your skin.

The leggings feature Lululemon’s signature Nulu fabric which is engineered to feel incredibly light and non-restrictive, almost as if you're wearing nothing at all. Despite its ultra-soft texture, Nulu fabric provides full coverage and features impressive sweat-wicking properties.

The Align leggings have a high waistband on them but not the kind that digs into you or pushes your skin in ways you'd rather it didn't. It hugs the waist with its super soft material and flexes with you as you move from your downward dogs into cobra. 

Although this pair of leggings is not designed for higher-intensity workouts, I have worn the Aligns on a few runs and don't have many complaints. Sometimes, super supportive leggings can feel very thick and restrictive while running, especially in better weather. Whereas the Aligns feature a four-way stretch material, allowing plenty of freedom of movement. 

That being said, the irresistible soft Nulu fabric isn't designed for running so they might not last as long if used consistently for higher-intensity workouts. But this is just a warning that if you do buy the Align leggings for this excellent early Amazon Prime Day price, you will find them so comfortable you will want to wear them 24/7 for all occasions.

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