Strava's latest update adds more performance data for cyclists — here's what's new

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Launching today is Strava’s latest feature for cyclists. The helpful performance data Strava offers is one of the reasons we include the app as one of the best running apps on Tom's Guide. Leveraging the success of its Best Efforts feature for runners, Strava's latest update expands the app’s potential for cyclists by introducing Best Efforts for Ride. The new feature is available exclusively for Strava subscribers and will be able to view from your athlete’s 'You' page on the Strava mobile app.

According to research conducted by Strava, an impressive 77% of cyclists achieved a Best Effort in 2023, with 33% already hitting milestones in February of this year and now riders can access Best Efforts data to continue reaching and recording their achievements. The feature will enhance the existing Best Efforts experience by adding new categories such as distance, cumulative elevation gain, biggest single climbs, power, and time for relevant intervals.

Like the sound of the new ride data but don't yet have a Strava account? Here's instructions on how to log in and set up a Strava account.

Strava update: New features

If you are a paying Strava member, from today onwards you can expect to access the following from the mobile app:

Chase progress in new categories: Best Efforts now uncover a plethora of achievements for cyclists, ranging from longest rides to best power outputs at intervals as short as 5 seconds and as long as 1 hour.

Tap into your highlights: Accessing your current Best Efforts is now easier than ever. Simply delve into your activity details to view the specific moments where you achieved peak performance.

Deep dive into your activity data: Beyond the top three Best Efforts, subscribers can now visualize their top five efforts historically for each year of their tenure on Strava. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of year-over-year progress, allowing cyclists to track their evolution over time.

Cyclists can monitor their achievements across distances ranging from 10 km to 180 km, as well as power and time intervals spanning from 5 seconds to 2 hours. This feature mirrors a similar one introduced for runners last summer, enabling athletes to track their Best Efforts across distances from 400 meters to 50 kilometers.

Ready to saddle up and track your Best Efforts? 

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