Vtech Brings Text Messaging To Cordless Phones

Vtech, is (to our knowledge) the first company to offer a cordless non-Wi-Fi phone that allows its users to connect to Microsoft’s and AOL’s instant messaging services. But as you may have guessed, since it is a non-Wi-Fi phone, there are a few compromises in this device.

The IS6110 comes in a Blackberry-like design with a QWERTY keyboard and transmits via DECT and frequencies between 1.921 GHz and 1.923 GHz. It wirelessly connects to a base station that connects via regular phone cables to a home phone line. In order to take advantage of instant messengers and VoIP calls, the base station needs to be connected via USB cable to a PC. If the PC is disconnected or shut down, the IS6110 is disconnected from instant messaging as well.

Other features include MP3 support for ringtones, a "full color" LCD and a speakerphone. Sure, if you rely on instant messaging, we would imagine that a notebook would be portable and convenient enough throughout a home. But for those of us who want to be reachable by IM all the time, those who don’t want to rely on VoIP and those who don’t suffer from carpal tunnel and tendonitis yet, may find the IS6110 useful.

The IS6110 is on sale now for $100.

Wolfgang Gruener is Director, digital strategy and content experience at American Eagle, where he specializes in strategic data analysis, user behavior models and information architecture (IA), as well as content strategy and governance. He was also Managing Editor of the website TG Daily and contributor to sites including Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware.