Square Enix E3 2018 Recap: Dragon Quest XI, Just Cause 4 and Babylon's Fall

Square Enix's E3 2018 conference bombarded us with trailers. The company revealed a Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV crossover, a new Dragon Quest title, some gameplay for Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Just Cause 4 as well as an interesting new IP called The Quiet Man. Here's a full look at everything we saw:

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Credit: Square Enix

(Image credit: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Credit: Square Enix)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Square showcased an epic new trailer that takes place during an early part of the game. Lara Croft is trapped in an airplane that's about to crash. That was followed up by more refined gameplay of Lara using stealth tactics in the jungle. She was able to use arrows tipped with poison to take out one of the guards as well as create a distraction. Then, she used a rope arrow to hang the henchman that was investigating. Square stated that Shadow of the Tomb Raider has the biggest hub in any Tomb Raider game, and it also has a full 360 degree swimming mechanic for in-depth exploring.

Monster Hunter World is coming to Final Fantasy XIV Online!

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is getting a new patch called Under the Moonlight, and along with that comes a crossover with Monster Hunter: World. There was a clip of a Rathalos coming full force at Final Fantasy players, and Palicos coming to assist them. The trailer ended off with a cute little scene that showed the characters drinking the popular health potions in Monster Hunter: World.

Dragon Quest XI Echos of an Elusive Age

The action adventure JRPG is back with a colorful new world. Square Enix revealed some cinematic cutscenes as well as gameplay of the main protagonist slashing a dragon with a giant sword, riding a horse throughout the world and wielding an interesting "Light" power that seems to be the focus of the game. This title is coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam on September 4, 2018. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Dragon Quest will also have a crossover taking place around the same time.

Babylon's Fall

Straight from Platinum Games, Babylon's Fall focuses on what seemed to be four players and will have a fantasy-historical narrative. If Platinum Games holds up to its previous titles, this will most likely be a hack-and-slash game similar to Bayonetta. It is also exclusive to PlayStation 4 and Steam, launching sometime in 2019. This one was of just two new titles we saw during the online conference.

Just Cause 4

Square Enix showed off a slew of Just Cause 4's new features like extreme weather, completely revamped vehicle mechanics, Rico's customizable grapple and new enemy archetypes. On December 4, Rico takes a trip to the fictional South American country of Solis, where he faces off against a private militia organization known as The Black Hand.

The Quiet Man

This is one of the few new titles we saw, and it sure looks interesting. It started off with a live action trailer of character walking into an alley, ready to beat some fools. Then, it transformed into a video game scene, revealing that you're actually playing as a deaf character. The combat hinted toward using the silence as a weapon, stating that "silence rings loudest."

Other trailers

Square Enix briefly talked about how The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is not directly connected to Life is Strange, and how you can customize your hero. There were short clips on Octopath Traveler, Nier Automata's Xbox One launch and Kingdom Hearts III's trailer from Xbox's conference.

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