Sprint Telling You That Its Unlimited Really Is

So often do wireless carriers advertise "unlimited" plans, but make it clear that it's actually quite limited if you read the small print. Now, Sprint is trying to differentiate itself by offering true unlimited plans.

In a new TV spot featuring Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, he says, "The other day, I looked up the word unlimited in the dictionary. Nowhere in the definition did I see words like metering, overage, or throttling, which is code for slowing you down. Only Sprint gives you true unlimited calling, texting, surfing, TV and navigation on all phones."

"Some of our competitors continually attempt to create confusion in the mind of the consumer by talking about 'unlimited' plans that are not truly unlimited on their networks," said Bill Morgan, Sprint senior vice president-Corporate Marketing. "If you have to worry about additional charges appearing on your bill based on usage, that's not an unlimited plan. We chose to use Mr. Hesse to deliver that message because he's become a trusted voice."

Obviously, this was just another marketing effort to promote Sprint's Simply Everything Plan that's $99.99 per month, plus a required $10 Premium Data add-on charge for smartphones – but for that much, you can use it all to your heart's content.

Marcus Yam is a technology evangelist for Intel Corporation, the latest in a long line of tech-focused roles spanning a more than 20-year career in the industry. As Executive Editor, News on Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware, Marcus was responsible for shaping the sites' news output, and he also spent a period as Editor of Outdoors & Sports at Digital Trends.

  • thebigt42
    "but for that much, you can use it all to your heart's content."

    When you can get a connection!
  • to your hearts content, when your download speed is 10 kilobytes per second max...
  • I like Sprint, they don't nickle and dime you to dead like other carrier
  • fancarolina
    I recently switched to Sprint from Verizon for this very reason. I knew the capping was coming and I didn't want any part of it. Lets just hope Sprint keeps to their word for a while.

    I also switched for the Evo was a nice Android device, well everything except the battery. But that can be solved with an aftermarket one. Note to HTC: Actually test your phones battery in the real world please.
  • I hope Sprint stays like this, maybe the other carriers will get their act together :-\
  • mt2e
    I'v had sprint for 10 years and, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. and yes like xccess said they don't nickle and dime u to death. This just puts a headline on it and allows people to talk about Sprint. There is really no difference between Sprint and Verizon in my opinion, same network, same coverage. I'm glad this commercial came out. I trust Mr. Hesse....don't blow it Hesse....
  • gizgiz_
    I'm glad i'm in sweden and can get true unlimited for my smartphone at $30 a month :p
  • slothy89
    I only have 2gb of data on my iPhone (eww! I know!) but I find that's more than enough. I'm lucky to use 500-600mb a month. Calls an msgs are unlimited. $70 a month. Not complaining. Unless you tether your PC to ur phone, it's hard to use so much data. Especially since imuse my home wifi half the time.
    Good to see the fine print fading tho! Bring true unlimited to Australia I say!
  • megamanx00
    Now if only they would do it cheaper..............
  • I used to have an unlimited data plan with Sprint and was terminated for exceeding my limit.