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Killer Deal: Get $600 Off Note 9 with Trade-In

Samsung just made it a heck of a lot easier to upgrade to one of its new flagships. Effective today, the South Korean giant is doubling the amount of money it offers for trade-ins to a maximum of $600.

Double Your Trade-In ValueView Deal

The offer is valid with purchases of a new Note 9, Galaxy S9, or Galaxy S9+.

Samsung's trade-in list includes everything from the 1st-gen Google Pixel to the iPhone SE. In total, there are 31 smartphones eligible for trade-in. We made some price comparisons, and in many cases, Samsung will give you more than double what you'd get from trade-in sites like Gazelle.

For instance, Samsung will give you $125 for a 1st-gen Google Pixel, whereas Gazelle offers just $70. The two-year old Galaxy S8 nets a whopping $400 from Samsung, whereas Gazelle offers $85. Likewise if you have an older iPhone you want to offload — such as the iPhone 7 — Samsung will give you $300, whereas Gazelle pays you $170.

Amazon Trade-In, which usually offers more money that competing trade-in sites, is also left in the dust. A Note 8 will fetch you $300 in Amazon credits at Amazon Trade-In, but Samsung will give you $500 for the same handheld.

Devices not eligible for Samsung's promo will receive a flat $50. Payments are made via Visa Virtual Reward and consumers can expect to get their trade-in dollars via e-mail about three weeks after making their trade-in submission.

Samsung's new trade-in offers are valid for purchases made via Samsung's or AT&T's online site or other retailers now through November 3. Purchased devices must be registered with Samsung by November 17 and trade-in requests sent to Samsung by November 24. Starting October 12, Galaxy Note 9, S9, and S9+ purchases made via Best Buy will also be available for this promo.