PSP-3000 Hacked, Homebrew Capabilities Unlocked

Ever since the first iteration of the PSP hardware, console modders have installed custom firmware on Sony’s handheld to enable new features and software that aren’t a part of the official feature set. More nefarious uses for the software can also lead to piracy, allowing games to be ran off a Memory Stick Pro Duo.

For all fans of customized PSPs, Datel has developed a specially designed battery and Memory Stick that will enable the service mode on the new PSP-3000 hardware, allowing for firmware downgrades and custom installs.

This development is the latest in the game of cat and mouse between Sony and modders. The original PSP was moddable using only software hacks, while the slimmer, lighter PSP-2000 required a modified battery pack and Memory Pack. The PSP-3000, however, is the first time that the hack will require something that one may not already own.

Datel said that it had to engineer an “advanced IC controller” inside its tool in order to crack the new PSP. Dubbed the Lite Blue Tool, the product is set to hit November 28 at in the UK and North America and will set you back ₤19.99 and $29.99 respectively.

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