The Next Selfie Stick? This Phone Necklace Shoots POV Video

It's no secret that we attach ourselves to our smartphones in really weird ways (think selfie sticks, fitness armbands, those sleep tracking apps that literally require you to cuddle up next to your phone). But what better way to show off your smartphone pride than by donning it gracefully around your neck like a crown jewel? Is that the queen herself? Nope, it's you and your stellar first-person point-of-view video skills.

The Povie is a $49 wearable that holds your smartphone in place just below your chin so it's basically a phone necklace, designed to help you shoot point-of-view (POV) videos completely hands free.

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Edelkrone USA, the company producing the Povie, made a video that totally sells the product as something you'd use every day, from work to recreation to travel and creative documentation.

While it looks a little ridiculous, Povie's mission certainly meets a demand These types of videos have become increasingly popular, especially with the advent of other first-person POV cams like GoPro. You've probably seen videos on your Facebook feed from channels like Tasty or Instagram accounts like the #Followmeto couple, which rely on hands-free shots.

You can order the Povie through its official website and turn your phone into a makeshift GoPro for $49. Just don't get too ambitious and try to document jumping into large bodies of water.




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