PlayStation Meeting Recap: PS4 Pro Coming Nov. 10 for $399

NEW YORK — PlayStation Meeting 2016 is officially in the books, and brought two new PlayStation consoles with it. The $299 PS4 Slim is a smaller, more affordable PlayStation, while this November's $399 PS4 Pro is a 4K gaming and entertainment powerhouse. We also got to see just how gorgeous games like Spider-Man and Mass Effect: Andromeda will look on Sony's powerful new console. Here's all the news you missed.

The PS4 Slim is Real

The rumors were true. Sony's shrunk-down PS4 Slim will replace the current PS4, and will launch on Sept. 19 for an extra-affordable $299. The Slim's smaller, curvier body will work just like a standard PS4, though you'll get more pronounced (and probably easier to use) power and reset buttons. So why is the Slim so cheap? Well...

PS4 Pro: For Hardcore 4K Gamers

Sony's ultimate 4K gaming machine is now official, and it's called the PS4 Pro. Sony's souped-up console will launch on Nov. 10 for $399.

The company showed off a range of gorgeous 4K game demos running on the upgraded hardware, including Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Uncharted 4 and the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game. All of the games looked like they were running on a high-end PC, allowing us to see everything from the tiniest details in Spider-Man's suit to the realistic lighting of Deus Ex in glorious ultra-HD.

Rise of the Tomb Raider running in 4K on PS4 Pro

Rise of the Tomb Raider running in 4K on PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro will also support High Dynamic Range (HDR) for those with HDR-ready TVs, which promises to make your PS4 games look more vibrant. We saw a demo of upcoming zombie survival game Days Gone with HDR both on and off, and the difference in color richness was definitely noticeable. Don't have a 4K or HDR TV? Don't worry — PS4 Pro will detect your TV and adjust the graphical fidelity accordingly.

Sony boasts that the system is "forward compatible," meaning that your older games may also enjoy better textures and color. Activision took to the stage to announce that this fall's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will support PS4 Pro, while last year's Black Ops 3 will also be made compatible with the new system.

Beyond Games: 4K Netflix and HDR For All

PS4 Pro won't just play your games in 4K, it will also receive special Netflix and YouTube apps designed specifically for ultra-high-res content. It certainly doesn't hurt that Netflix will soon boast 600 hours of 4K entertainment, including Narcos and Luke Cage.

But even if you don't buy a Pro, you'll get to enjoy HDR content on any version of PS4 soon. A universal firmware update will bring HDR support to all version of Sony's console, whether you have a launch edition from 2013, the brand-new Slim, or the upcoming Pro.

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