100 Best Places To Fly A Drone In America

Some of the best drones—especially those with good cameras—can take some truly stunning photos and videos of mountains, cities, shorelines, and more. But finding the best place to fly your drone can be tricky. We put together a list of 100 of the best places to fly in the USA, from Alaska to Wyoming and all points in between. We’ve got giant prairie dogs, windswept mountains, quiet lakes and several Stonehenge replicas. So, go fly!

NOTE: We have checked that all of these places are legal to fly, and that they allow drones. We’ve noted any restrictions, such as local airports that need to be notified. However, the rules around drones are constantly changing at the federal, state and local level so you should always check before you fly. Sites such as AirMap and the FAA’s own Know Before You Fly provide regularly updated maps that you should check before you take off.

The Northeast

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What do a 65-foot tall elephant, a lighthouse, and a possibly-possessed waterfall have in common? They’re all among our favorite places to fly a drone in the Northeastern U.S.

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The Mid-Atlantic

From the bluegrass and rolling hills of Kentucky to the picturesque town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, here are our favorite places to fly drones in the mid-Atlantic U.S.

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The Southeast

A WWII battleship, UFO welcome center, and a tribute to Airstream trailers are among our favorite places to fly drones in the Southeastern United States.

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The Great Lakes

Made up of many of the states that border four out of the five Great Lakes, our favorite places to fly drones include everything from shipwrecks in Lake Michigan to an 18-foot tall crow.

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The Plains

The middle of America has some beautiful and bizarre attractions for drone fliers, from the Ozark mountains to a 38-foot tall cow, and a replica of Stonehenge made out of vintage automobiles.

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The Mountains

Fly your drone from the highest point in the Rockies, or through one of several ghost towns through some of the more mountainous states in the U.S.

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The Pacific

You can catch whales feeding in Prince William Sound, 170-foot-tall rock formations in California, and abandoned railroads in Oregon, if you take a look at our favorite places to fly drones in the Pacific-facing U.S.

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The Southwest

Craters from meterorites, a ship made out of concrete, and a 30-foot pistachio all top our list of favorite places to fly drones in the Southwest United States.

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