Please, Google, Use This Pixel 2 Design

Google is reportedly working on the next version of its Pixel smartphone. And although the rumors about what's in store for the Pixel 2 are hard to come by, some loyal fans have imagined what the smartphone should offer.

Credit: mckblee/Reddit

(Image credit: mckblee/Reddit)

A Google Pixel fan who goes by the handle mckblee on Reddit has uploaded a mock-up of what the Pixel 2 might look like. The rendering isn't based on any major rumor or confirmation from Google; instead they're a nod to existing smartphone designs and a hope at what the Google Pixel 2 might offer when it arrives this fall.

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The mckblee rendering, which was spotted by BGR, shows both white and black versions of the Google Pixel 2. The design depicts a phone with a display that covers nearly its entire face, save for an area at the top that would house the earpiece and front-facing camera. That would have the Pixel 2 following a popular trend among phone makers, as both LG and Samsung have introduced expanded displays with the G6 and Galaxy S8, respectively, and Apple reportedly doing the same with the iPhone 8.

The Pixel in Mckblee's render doesn't feature curved edges, so that would be a departure from the Galaxy S8's look.

The back of the phone in the render retains the rear fingerprint sensor found in the current Pixel. However, this mock-up includes a dual-lens camera that would be horizontally aligned and offer a dual flash. Dual rear cameras have become a popular feature on smartphones, from high-priced flagships like the iPhone 7 Plus to midrange models like the OnePlus 5. Samsung will reportedly add a dual lens to the back of its Note 8 phablet later this year.

Again, everything in this design springs from mckblee's imagination. For its part, Google has remained tight-lipped on its plans for the Pixel 2. However, the company is rumored to be working with LG on the new handset and could unveil and release the device in October.

The Google Pixel 2 is expected to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or 836 processor. It might also offer an improved camera over last year's model and fast-charging capabilities. It's unknown whether Google will modify the smartphone's design, but one rumor has the company introducing three versions with different screen sizes; another rumor suggest Google will stick with two Pixels, but make the screen larger on the successor to the 5.5-inch XL.

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