Best Portable Chargers and Battery Packs

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  • mig6220
    Any qi recommendations? Wires are a nuisance when I'm out and about.
  • atomiccasks69
    What about the powerbank 50,000 mah, with lil flashlight & dual charge ports, what do u think about those, are they any good or should I have bougyg different power device? Are they any good, I bought 1 & and only used couple times so far but they seem to b pretty good. I wanted to get a cover for it but can't seem to find any yet. Do u know where best place to get covers or where I can get 1. I inky paid $28 aud for the powerbank on ebay. So far I really like it. Last time I got powerpod, & wasn't as high mah, was only smallest 1 & never lasted long.
  • atomiccasks69
    Went to ask about the powerbank 500000 Mah, 2 USB ports & lil light if needed to use on it. Was wondering what u thought about those, if they r any good, as I've only ever bought powerpod x1 meaning only 1 ever bought, which was alot smaller & didn't get much charge out of it, maybe only 50% charge @ a time. So wanted to get highest charge I could this time. But I got the powerbank from ebay for $28 aud, which is gr8 price here. Usually it'd cost round $100 plus @ shops down rd. No matter what brand I got, still would have costed round that much. It looks like it could fit a cap on end, but can't seem to find 1 or even a case for it. Wouldn't mind trying to find 1 from somewhere, as it's pretty heavy & big, yet not to heavy etc. I just don't want to wreck it or scratch it either. But so far it's gr8 charger, as I can charge anything from it & 2 people can use it, or I can charge camera, MP3, speaker, phone, watch, psp or tablet. Depending on what's running low @ time & will don't have to wait for 1 to charge then the other & the it has the percentage on screen for u ta charge to, so I know how full it is etc.
  • ohsilly
    Dude, is there any well regulated hand cranked power like those used for flasthlights.. it is limitless!