Best Cheap Phones 2019: Top Android Picks Under $300

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Mark Spoonauer

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  • d1g1t4Lnrg
    This has the wrong price on it. If you follow your link it is $249.99 plus shipping. :

    [LG X Power]
  • rgd1101
    2476158 said:
    This has the wrong price on it. If you follow your link it is $249.99 plus shipping. : [LG X Power]

    Look like amazon no longer sell them, the $250 is a third party seller
  • QkTreasures
    Actually LG now has the 5.5 screen X Charge on Xfinity mobile for about $180 & service is $45 for unlimited data & free talk/text or you can buy by the gig for $12 they automatically give you 100 mb of free data & free Xfinity hotspot WiFi
  • dibyanshks
    MI A1 is also nice phone, it should also be in that list
  • phantom_e
    BLU Life One X2 is around 150.00 with 64 GB storage, and 4GB RAM, among other great features. Plus, it's unlocked to use many carriers. It's probably not listed because it's not a major player in the phone market, but I find this phone to have great performance and reliability.
  • putnamquine666
    How can I PRINT the above Tom's Guide to Best Cheap (under $200) Smartphones on this [unfamiliar to me] Toshiba Satellite laptop?

    [don't post your email address on the forum]
  • jgraham108
    I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S4 on eBay for $100. It has a removable battery and microSD card.
    I like it a lot!
  • 24valeriehenderson
    i need a phone around $100 but for the whole thing not month by month please can someone help me