OnePlus 7 Pro's Pop-Up Camera Can Hold 49 Pounds of Cement

On May 14, OnePlus revealed the OnePlus 7 Pro, its latest top of the line smartphone. And one of its most notable features is its motorized pop-up selfie camera.

But how durable is this thing?

OnePlus claims that the OnePlus 7 Pro can lift a 49-pound cement block. Credit: OnePlus

(Image credit: OnePlus claims that the OnePlus 7 Pro can lift a 49-pound cement block. Credit: OnePlus)

Having already published a 12-hour long video showing the camera extending and retracting 11,779 times, proving how well engineered the motor mechanism is, we now have another clip showing that the camera’s housing is capable of holding a surprising amount of weight.

If you watch the above video, it features the OnePlus 7 Pro and a 49.2lb block of cement. With the block hooked onto the camera with a metal cable, the 7 Pro is lifted up, holding the weight without support. The selfie cam is running too, just in case you needed further convincing that there’s no SFX trickery at work.

OnePlus claims that the selfie camera's mechanism can extend and retract more than 300,000 times. That's the equivalent of using the selfie cam 150 times a day for five years.

Outside of its strength, the OnePlus 7 Pro is a great phone, as we've named it our list of the 10 best smartphones. It’s got a gorgeous 90Hz screen, heaps of processing power, and once you stop performing stress tests on them, the selfie camera and the rear triple-camera array take some excellent images, too.

Still, it’s probably best that you don’t try to replicate these feats of strength yourself.

Richard Priday
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