Here’s the Rumored Nintendo Switch Mini Compared to the Current Switch

A few days ago we saw a possible render of the fabled Nintendo Switch Mini, a smaller version of the current Nintendo Switch. Here’s a new render showing how the former looks compared to the latter.

Credit: LetsGoDigital

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

The render — made by Dutch tech site Let’s Go Digital — shows what most rumors have already suggested: the Mini will allegedly have the Joy Con controllers permanently fused to its body. This render shows an entire console that's about the size of the current Switch's screen, which could make the new Switch pocket-friendly.

While the Nintendo Switch Mini is by no means “mini” in size — at least not as small as the Game Boy Micro compared to the Game Boy Advance — it certainly looks significantly smaller than the regular Nintendo Switch.

The Mini will reportedly be a handheld-only console, meaning that it won’t be able to connect to a TV like the regular Switch.

Credit: Honson

(Image credit: Honson)

The original leak came from Chinese gaming accessory company HonSon, which posted a render online of what they claimed will be the Switch Mini. HonSon seems to be readying a case for the new console, which looks similar in size to the good old PlayStation Portable.

A new Switch 2 is also expected, although Nintendo has denied its existence. The first rumors about the new Switch models came out in October 2018. Last March, new rumors claimed that Nintendo would release a Switch 2 “for hardcore gamers” and a “miniature model” without detachable Joy-Cons at a lower price. The Wall Street Journal claimed that the new consoles may arrive in June, but so far they haven’t materialized.

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