5 Nintendo Mobile Games We Really Want

Nintendo has officially entered the mobile space, and it's off to a pretty great start. The company's debut mobile title Miitomo has racked up a whopping 10 million users, thanks to the wacky, addictive charm of buying new outfits and having silly conversations with your Mii pals.

Better yet, Nintendo has confirmed that both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games are coming to smartphones this year, proving that the big N isn't restricting its bigger franchises to consoles. That said, here are the Nintendo-flavored mobile games we'd love to see next.

The Legend of Zelda

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No Nintendo platform is complete without a Zelda title, and mobile will soon be no exception. While Link's typically sprawling dungeon-crawls are best reserved on consoles, Nintendo could put a bold new spin on the series by serving up a Telltale Games-style interactive adventure. Think of it as the playable Zelda television series you never knew you wanted, one that lets you get to know Hyrule's residents via player-controlled dialogue, before getting into a few swipe-based sword scuffles. We're finally getting a new console Zelda game in 2017, but it would be great to have a companion on mobile. 

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One of the Wii U's biggest titles, Splatoon is a fresh take on the shooter genre that's all about making a mess with colorful ink. And while that's fun to do with a controller, it might make even more sense on smartphones and tablets. A mobile version of Splatoon could have you and your friends paint the battlefield by simply drawing on the screen with your finger, which could lead to some wonderful same-screen chaos on big tablets.

Wario Ware

Wario Ware is perhaps the ultimate mobile game, despite releasing at a time when cell phones still had rubber buttons and green LCD displays. This 2003 Game Boy Advance classic assaults the player with a series of seconds-long "Microgames," in which you only have a moment to answer a question or hit a target with little to no instructions. A new take on this bite-sized series is just begging to be made on mobile devices, as even a quick elevator ride is enough time to knock out a few challenges.

Duck Hunt

One of Nintendo's oldest hit games could also be the next great augmented reality experience on mobile. Just imagine looking out into the real world with your smartphone's camera, before knocking out a few virtual ducks that pop up in your office, backyard or wherever else you choose to play. Augmented-reality versions of Duck Hunt have been done before by copycats, but fans deserve an official release -- complete with that adorable dog.

Star Fox

Sure, the Wii U just got a new Star Fox game, but the series has plenty of potential in mobile. Star Fox's patented space combat would make for an excellent endless flyer, one that could combine the high-speed chases of Temple Run with Star Fox's signature space combat gameplay. Who wouldn't want to do a barrel roll on the go?

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