ModiFace Live Uses Augmented Reality to Change Your Look

Sure, augmented reality is great for catching fictional battle monsters, but what about your beauty regimen? AR beauty company ModiFace is hoping to help you up your makeup game with its new Live-Scan technology, which is available in its new ModiFace Live iOS app.

The app is currently Apple exclusive, but the company is rolling the tech out to select retail stores soon. Unfortunately, Android makeup mavens will just have to wait.

So what exactly how does ModiFace Live's new tech work? Essentially, Live-Scan captures a live 3D recording of a video or photo and then scans it for any makeup. Once it determines the cosmetics and style, you can try on the look using the viewer's live video stream.

That means that if you've been dying to try out Beyonce or Lupita Nyong'o's look, you can just fire up the app, scan an issue of Vogue and voila!, you're dolled up like a superstar and ready to video chat.

Using proprietary technology, Live-Scan separates the skin layer in the image or video from the makeup layer. From there, it analyzes the makeup and recreates the exact shade, including multicolored hues of eyeshadow and textured lipsticks. From there, the technology renders it onto the viewer's face using a live-face chart.

All in all, ModiFace Live is a great way to experiment with new looks without breaking the bank or having to brave the outdoors to do so.

Sherri L. Smith

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