LG's 2019 OLED TVs Are Getting This Huge Upgrade

LG might be trying to sell 2018 OLEDs this holiday season, but the company is already looking ahead to how it can get you to buy its 2019 slate of televisions.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

In a blog post on Tuesday (Nov. 27), LG said that it's developed a new processor for its high-end OLED televisions called the Alpha 9 (a9 Gen 2). The company said that the chip, which will likely be baked into the highest-end sets it plans to unveil at CES in January, will deliver images that "are more true-to-life than ever" and offer improved "color, sharpness, and depth."

The new processor, which is a follow-up to the first-generation a9 LG bundled with its 2018 OLEDs, comes with a "four-step noise reduction process" that aims at eliminating artifacts and other problems in a picture and deliver a cleaner look. According to LG, the four steps is double what you'd get in other technologies.

Aside from that, the new processor upgrades other features that had made their way to the previous chip, allowing for better sharpness and contrast ratio. LG also promised that its new chips would deliver better colors.

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"To further boost visual performance, the processor’s advanced mapping capabilities kick in to make colors appear closer than ever to the real thing," LG wrote. "And, the enhanced color correction algorithm uses over seven-times the reference color coordinates of previous versions to ensure pictures that are supremely natural and vibrant."

Additionally, LG said that its new chip would come with support for 120 frames per second to allow for better-looking fast-paced content, like sports or video games.

Now that the a9 Gen 2 is official, we can expect to find it in the upcoming line of 2019 OLEDs LG will undoubtedly discuss at CES in January. It's unclear exactly what the company has planned, but considering how the television market has been going, you can count on thin screens, thin bezels, and plenty of power under the hood. And you'll get it all for a price that could stay in line with this year's models.

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