LG’s InstaView ThinQ Alexa Fridge Is the Smart Home Gadget I Want

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LAS VEGAS — Hey, Alexa, what’s for dinner?

At CES 2019, LG is showing off a major update to its smart refrigerator. The device not only has Alexa built in, but also sports a transparent OLED display that lets you do everything from re-ordering stuff on Amazon to leaving notes for the family.Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's GuideBased on the contents of your fridge, the InstaView interface can recommend recipes. Don’t have one of the ingredients? You can instantly add it to your shopping list.

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This thing talks to other LG appliances, too. If you have a connected LG oven, you can even start preheating the oven by pressing the touchscreen on the fridge.

Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's Guide

Don’t worry if you to start to run low on food, coffee, paper towels or anything else Amazon sells. The InstaView ThinQ will present a menu of virtual Amazon Dash buttons, so you can reorder whatever you need with just a tap.

Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's Guide

The InstaView ThinQ can also let you see into the fridge from the accompanying app no matter where you are in the world. (I just wish you could eavesdrop on people as they tried to take the last bit of ice cream and say, “Put that down!”)

Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's GuideOther highlights include built-in speakers for playing music (because why not?) and the ability to display family photos.

Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's GuideLG isn’t saying how much the InstaView ThinQ might cost, but it may not be as insane as you might think. A company rep told be that LG is looking to get this killer fridge into club stores in order to take advantage of all of the foot traffic.

Is it overkill? Absolutely, but I still want it.

Photo credits: Tom's Guide