First iPhone 8 Case Leak Tips Key Features

The iPhone 8 is still at least five months away from being unveiled -- and based on recent reports -- it could take even longer to hit store shelves. But, according to a new leak, the final design of Apple's tenth anniversary flagship is coming into focus.

If this case is indeed legit, it reveals at least one key feature of the iPhone 8.

A leaked iPhone 8 case shows a cutout for a vertical dual-lens camera. Credit: KK Sneak Leaks

(Image credit: A leaked iPhone 8 case shows a cutout for a vertical dual-lens camera. Credit: KK Sneak Leaks)

Leaked by KK Sneak Leaks on Twitter and spotted by 9to5Mac, a clear case shows a cutout for a vertical dual-lens camera for the iPhone 8. This lines up with other iPhone 8 rumors we've seen, and it would continue to be a key differentiatior for Apple compared to the single-lens Galaxy S8.

Although the Galaxy S8 narrowly beat the iPhone 7 in our recent camera face-off, the iPhone 7 Plus has a unique advantage in that its dual cameras provide a true 2x optical zoom along with a compelling Portrait Mode feature.

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For the iPhone 8, Apple is reportedly adding 3D sensors to its cameras, which would enable exciting augmented reality features and open the door to a new wave of applications.

As 9to5Mac notes, the case also has a cutout for a larger power button than today's iPhone and lacks a hole for a rear Touch ID sensor. That lends more weight to Apple integrating its Touch ID technology directly into the iPhone 8's purported 5.8-inch OLED display.

However, there's another possibility here. The elongated power button could potentially have a Touch ID sensor built into it, which would enable you to unlock your device or authenticate Apple Pay payments by resting your finger on the button. Most recent evidence points to Apple baking Touch ID into the screen, though.

What's also remarkable about this case is that it seems to confirm that Apple will be able to offer a large 5.8-inch OLED panel in a phone that's about the same size of the iPhone 7. This would be accomplished by nearly obliterating the bezels around the screen. The Galaxy S8 has a 83 percent screen-to-body ratio and the LG G6 80 percent, but the iPhone 8's could be even higher.

Of course, this case doesn't prove anything, and I'm sure we'll see more of them as we get close to the iPhone 8's eventual release date. But if this mold is close to the real thing, iPhone fans will finally get the radical redesign they've been waiting for.

Mark Spoonauer

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