How to Update WhatsApp for Android and iPhone

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Reports of a major WhatsApp security loophole — one that allowed for spyware to be installed on Android and iOS devices — have been confirmed. Thankfully, though, the problem has been fixed in app updates released in the last few days.

Credit: Pe3k/ShutterstockCredit: Pe3k/ShutterstockTo make sure that your device is safe from prying eyes and ears, though, you'll need to make sure that the WhatsApp on your phone is up-to-date. Hopefully, your phone automatically has updated WhatsApp in the background, but since some of us keep automatic app updates disabled, that might not be the case.

How to update WhatsApp on Android

1. Open Play Store.

2. Tap the Menu button.

3. Tap My apps & games.

4. Tap Installed.

5. Find and tap WhatsApp Messenger.

6. Hit Read more and scroll to the bottom.

7. Under App info, verify what version you're on. If you're on version 2.19.134. If so, like here, you're safe, your version of WhatsApp is updated.

8. If you're on an earlier version, scroll to the top and tap Update.

How to update WhatsApp on iPhone

1. Open the App Store.

2. Tap Updates.

3. Scroll to WhatsApp and tap 'More' to see your most recent version number.

4. If you're on version 2.19.51, you're updated, and completely safe.

5. If you're on an older version, you'll see a button that says UPDATE (and not OPEN). Tap that to update WhatsApp.