Samsung Is Making a Huge 6.7-inch Galaxy 10 with 5G

Samsung is reportedly working on a 10th anniversary version of its Galaxy S10 phone that will work with the new 5G network standard and offer a multitude of cameras.

The Galaxy A9 (pictured here) has four cameras, and Samsung could be working on another such phone. (Credit: Samsung)

(Image credit: The Galaxy A9 (pictured here) has four cameras, and Samsung could be working on another such phone. (Credit: Samsung))

That's the word from the Wall Street Journal, which reports that Samsung is working on a new phone code-named Beyond X that will follow on the heels of the regular Galaxy S10.

According to the Journal, Samsung will release three Galaxy S10 models in February 2019, with the phones ranging in size from 5.8 inches to 6.4 inches (or the same screen sizes as the current Galaxy S9 and Note 9, respectively). Later in the spring, the Beyond X model will follow, which will reportedly boast a 6.7-inch display.

When it arrives, Samsung's rumored Galaxy S10 Beyond X phone will sport some serious specs. In addition to being capable of delivering the faster data speeds promised by the next-generation 5G networking standard, the new phone would offer six cameras — a mind-boggling number for those of us still trying to wrap our brain around phones like the LG V40 ThinQ that offer five cameras.

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Still, squeezing in all those shooters wouldn't be out of line for Samsung. Last month, the company introduced the Galaxy A9, which has a four camera array on its back. In addition to the main lens, the midrange A9 offers telephoto, ultra-wide and depth lenses, all of which can deliver better low-light photos as well as portrait shots with bokeh effects.

Take those four rear cameras and add two lenses up front, as the Journal report says Samsung will do, and you've got a six-camera phone. Those two front shooters would presumably allow for wide-angle selfies similar to what Google offers with the new Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

A spring launch date for Samsung's Beyond X phone would make sense, as carriers aren't expected to have 5G-capable networks ready into later in 2019. Samsung's phone would be among the first to support 5G networking, though Huawei, Xiaomi and LG have all pledged to come out with 5G phones next year.

The Beyond X variant of the Galaxy S10 seems to be part of Samsung's effort to combat slumping smartphone sales, the Journal reports. The Galaxy S9 suffered from slow sales earlier this year, as all phone makers have struggled to convince consumers to upgrade to new phones instead of holding on to their existing handsets.

But coming out with yet another phone seems an odd strategy. Rumors suggest that Samsung is already planning three Galaxy S10 models. Throw in a Beyond X phone plus the foldable smartphone Samsung teased at its developer conference this month, and that's an awful lot of flagship devices from the same company. Samsung might argue the different phones will appeal to different segments of the market, but there's also the risk that Samsung ends up cannibalizing its own phone sales.

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