The Biggest Reason to Skip Galaxy S9 for S10

A new report has what could be the first details for next year’s Galaxy S10, and there are not a ton of surprises.

But one purported feature should make you think twice about picking up a Galaxy S9 this year.

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(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

According to SamMobile, which found some leaked specs on the Chinese site Weibo, the Galaxy S10 -- if that’s what it winds up being called -- will pack a dedicated neural processing unit for enhanced AI features.

That’s not a surprise, given that the S9 is rumored to feature a new AI-focused interface. In addition, the S9 will reportedly offer a new Intelligent Scan feature that leverages face recognition and iris scanning simultaneously. So the S10 would presumably take AI to the next level.

The bigger news would be support for 5G, which would supercharge your internet connection and allow for much faster speeds. It would also enable much lower latency, resulting in smoother video streaming and gaming.

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As of right now, no smartphones in 2018 are expected to support 5G in the U.S., because the first 5G spec was just approved in December and the standard is still being finalized. In addition, while AT&T and Verizon plan 5G rollouts for this year, Verizon’s 5G network will be fixed broadband (at first) and AT&T’s 5G network will require the use of a “puck,” which we presume will be a mobile hotspot.

Other rumored features of the Galaxy S10 include a larger L-shaped battery to beef up endurance. The Galaxy S9’s battery is reportedly the same size of the S8, based on leaked specs.

Last but not least, the Galaxy S10 could be one of the first phones to boast UFS 3.0 memory, which will supposedly double the bandwidth while lowering power consumption.

Given that premium smartphones are getting pricier all the time and that we're holding on to our phones for longer, holding out for a 5G Galaxy makes sense, even if 5G networks aren't widespread in 2019. By the time 2020 rolls around, though, you'll probably want to be on the cutting edge without having to buy a new handset.

Mark Spoonauer

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  • ace1031
    Yea! Skip the Samsung product. Yet TG authors fawn over any iPhone thats released no matter how inconsequential is Apple's advancements. Apple cult rules!
  • pgkmchapa
    Microsoft skipped Windows 9, Apple skipped iPhone 9, and now we're being told to skip Galaxy S9? What's wrong with 9?
  • Eric_2516
    this is getting out of control. I love my S6 Edge+ and except for dismal battery life, does all I need to use my phone for personal and business. I was up for a new phone when the S8 was just coming out so I waited and then the hype started that people should wait for the S9. Now, before the 9 is even out, the hype is "wait for the 10, it will be so much better. It's getting to be too much - not too mention too much money but, hey, we have to keep that economy churning along its unlimited growth path, don't we. I've always kept up with the latest phones - as much as possible - right up until my S6Edge+ that I've held onto for longer than any phone.
  • Mark Spoonauer
    Actually, we named the Galaxy S8 the best phone when we initially reviewed it and it held onto that title for several months. The S9 could win that title back over the iPhone X depending on how well it camera performs.

    The question is whether shoppers should wait for 5G or not, especially if you like your current phonne. That applies to Samsung and Apple.
    20681219 said:
    Yea! Skip the Samsung product. Yet TG authors fawn over any iPhone thats released no matter how inconsequential is Apple's advancements. Apple cult rules!

  • jroyelp Note 4 has a gorgeous, large screen, a stylus, makes phone calls and sends/receives text and mms messages. I think that's called a "phone" these days. It also browses the web, runs navigation and maps, and plays video very nicely. Best of all its been PAID FOR a long time. Last time I upgraded was for 4G. Next time - it'll be for 5G when that matures. All the rest is just fluff. Got to get out of this crazy cycle of blowing $1,000 every couple years for ego.
  • Joshua_157
    Doesn't seem like much at all.Truly, do we really need a phone with more than 1080P on a tiny screen and a snapdragon 6 series ?
    When you start measuring improvements in tenths of a second you know you have hit the wall....maybe voice recognition to open the phone will be the next big thing
  • Joshua_157
    truly do we need a phone with specs higher than a 8 series processor , 6GB of ram, 128GB storage and a 1080P display ?
    Not for my money.
    When they can give me a phone that opens by voice recognition and lasts a week on one charge then we will be getting somewhere, but when you start measuring improvements on a tiny 6 inch screen in tenths of a second then you have to realise we have hit the wall.