Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations: How to Solve the Season 5 Challenge

With the launch of Fortnite version 5.10 in July, Epic Games has begun celebrating Fortnite’s one-year launch anniversary.

As part of the celebrations, the developer has placed several birthday cakes around the Fortnite: Battle Royale map and added challenges associated with finding them that unlock special anniversary rewards.

We put together a list of all known locations of the birthday cakes and what you need to know to complete the challenges.

The Challenges

There are three challenges you need to complete to get your reward:

  • Play 14 matches
  • Deal 1000 points of damage to opponents
  • Dance in front of 10 birthday cakes

The first two challenges will just require some patience and persistence. You don’t need to do all of these within a single match (thankfully) and you have until August 6th to do everything. But it can still be tricky finding all 10 of the birthday cakes, and the map is pretty big so we’re just going to tell you where to look. Don't worry, we’ll tell everyone you found them yourself.

Where to look

Each cake is in a relatively well known location, so you won’t need to search very hard. Also, they’re huge -- each one is about 10 feet tall and has burning candles on top so they’re not too hard to spot. Here’s where you’ll need to go:

  • Paradise Palms, just north of town.
  • Retail Row, right in the middle.
  • Risky Reels, south of the projector screen on a hill.
  • Lazy Links, south of town near the road.
  • Pleasant Park, east of town on a small hill.
  • Loot Lake, south of the lake on the west side of the waterfall.
  • Lonely Lodge, near the west side of town on a small hill.
  • Greasy Grove, toward the north in the middle of town.
  • Flush Factory, by the north entrance to town.
  • Fatal Fields, right in the center of the farm.

What you need to do

Once you find a cake, you need to perform an emote (a dance) in front of it, pretty close by, to register the achievement. The tough part will be avoiding all the players who want to get easy kills off of people looking to complete the challenge.

If you’re really struggling with a cake that’s in a popular area, wait until the cake is in the storm so that fewer players are around to cause trouble. As a fun bonus, some of the cakes will be surrounded by smaller cakes you can eat that will recover 5 points of health and add 5 points of shield. Neat!

Also, don’t quit a match once you’ve danced in front of a cake, you need to complete the match by either winning or being eliminated. Don’t let your hard work go unrewarded, and remember you don’t need to do this all in one match.

What you get

Once you’ve met all the challenges you get a fun birthday cake backpack (what the game calls “back bling”) that bounces around as you move. It’s not likely this particular piece of gear will make a return, so you better hop to it before it’s too late.

Credit: Epic Games


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